Are You Growing Your Faith?

Do you know how to listen and hear your inner voice? The promptings of God’s guidance? I call my sovereign deity God.  You may call Him the Divine, the Universe, Spirit, Goddess, or Buddha.  Simply use your term of endearment to access this message.  Now, where... read more

You don’t have to see to believe!

A few years ago while living in Long Island, NY, I decided to relocate to Texas.  With no clue of where in Texas I wanted to relocate, simply that most my family resided in Texas.  And while I was wanting, dreaming and desiring Texas, my sister, Daphne suffered a... read more

Vision makes the impossible possible

Every person is born on purpose with a purpose.  We all have gifts, talents and the ability to make an impact in this world and on others.  Unfortunately, the majority of people never experience the fulfillment of knowing their life’s purpose.  Or of experiencing the... read more

Why I stopped networking!

One point I often mention when speaking, is that I lost 2 decades of my life caring what other people thought about me.  And unfortunately, I am not alone in this loss.  This inclination for wanting to be liked, affirmed and validated is natural to everyone.  From a... read more

Did you jump out of bed today?

So, did you jump out of bed today? If you responded yes and bounce of your bed daily…I’d love to hear what makes your steps spring and your soul sing! If you answered no, it’s actually the more common response. And, if you are interested in putting... read more

A Clearly Defined Purpose

Do you recall the passion and feelings of falling in love? Remember how you felt falling in love? When you were learning about them, watching them, being with them, seeing their smile…just hearing their voice! PASSION…You are 100% fully engaged! People search their... read more

No Matter What!

          Did you know failure is only final if you quit? Walt Disney’s first company went bankrupt. Colonel Sanders was told no 1,009 times, before hearing yes. J.K. Rowlings book Harry Potter, was rejected 12 times before getting... read more

Expert or Exploiter?

When is the last time you were fortunate enough to work with an expert?  If you are like many newly minted entrepreneurs, you may not recall.  For many of us who are swimming in the increasingly diluted bowl of small business owners, the truly skilled, qualified and... read more

Are you ready to live your D.R.E.A.M.S.?

  Group coaching is ideal for individuals who want to grow through creative collaboration with other people with similar goals and dreams. It is also appropriate for people seeking a high-value, affordable method of transformation in their life and business. ... read more

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Greer Stewart

Meshell's energy is infectious, she keeps her verbal and body language up, she gives her brand of excellence so bountiful you believe you can catch it. I was thrilled to be part of it.

Sherry Ransom – The BIG Business of Gratitude

I have seen Meshell inspire, excite and inform audiences with her natural talent for connecting through her passion for excavating the dreams we all have. She challenges you to not only dare to dream but to also take actions that make those dreams a reality. You...

Martina Bluem, PhD, PMP

Meshell is a highly engaging and captivating speaker that teaches you about yourself in a delightful subtle way. Her wealth of knowledge about running a business and networking were an eye opener and one of the most uplifting experiences. Her messaging is smart and...

Jalashree Bell

My mission is to INSPIRE, BRIGHTEN and EMBRACE OTHERS so they experience JOY. This session has been very instrumental in making me reflect upon how I allow external factors to consume me, and has given me great resources to think back and make changes (in simple...

Ingrid Griffin

The coaching questions early in the session were insightful. The mission statement was difficult because it was so much more advanced than realizing what our passions are. I think I made a "passion statement" instead of a mission statement, but it was a fantastic...