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Meshell R. Baker is a captivating and highly engaging International Keynote Speaker. She is often referred to as being “an amazing gift of clarity.” Alongside her coaching business, she has partnered with the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) as a spokesperson. Where founded and leads the platform, Women of Sales & Influence, creating space and opportunities for women to grow their income and advance their influence.

Baker is an accomplished, high energy sales leader with over 20 years of proven sales success. She guides her clients to sustain success by becoming valuable in the marketplace while achieving their biggest dreams and greatest desires. Baker is a keynote speaker who’s been featured in Ladies Home Journal Magazine, stages and podcast around the globe. She is renowned for her no-nonsense approach that inspires attendees to convert more conversations into raving fan clients!

Meshell wants you to have congruency and live into who you are! Her life experiences, storytelling, and presentation gets audiences motivated and focused on a path that brings life change. She has conviction in her tonality and listeners can sense her care and mission. It’s a fuzzy life and Meshell brings a lens to an area many are seeking to improve upon.

Don Dalrymple

CEO of Dalrymple Group | Strategy Consultant | Business Coach

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Here are my most popular presentations…

The I’mPerfection of Success: How to Confidently Connect in Business


Meshell takes you on a journey that explores the modernday selling style. She will demonstrate why features and benefits selling no longer delivers as many sales as integrating the new social and emotional needs of today’s buyer into your sales process. Gain information and insight that will move you past “trying to figure it out” by revealing the proven formula to sell directly to your client’s specific emotional needs that build lasting relationships and close more raving fan clients.

Key takeaways from this talk:

  • Confidently establish rapport, trust, and respect with ease.
  • Conversations that convert more raving fan clients & advocates.
  • Creatively offer valuable solutionsoriented sales & support.

The Art of Being unComfortable: Making the Ultimate Sale…Yourself


Meshell shares how embracing being inconvenienced and uncomfortable are strategies that uncover your superpowers. This presentation will challenge your perspectivesso you see that your obstacles are opportunities and your problems are possibilities. Learn how managing your mindset is direct path to increased income and influenceYou are your most valuable asset. Remember none can beat you at being you and it’s time to WIN! Come learn how to be the secret sauce to every $ale!

Key takeaways from this talk:

  • Embracing uncertainty to elicit creative expression!
  • Experience the power of energy refocused and reclaimed!
  • Enact practices that expand your influence and income!

VISION to the Bank Vault:Crush your sales quotas and achieve your goals


This session is designed to allow professionals and business owners to PRESS PA– USE and reconnect with their compelling vision of success. Meshell Baker will reveal 6 Steps for what it takes to deliver unwavering and uncompromising excellence every timeAcquiring more recommendations, referrals and repeat business begins when you envision your success as nonnegotiable. This presentation will move you from desperate selling to delighted service that makes more money!

Key takeaways from this talk:

  • Reignite the power of your compelling vision!
  • Recalibrate your purpose to empower excellence!
  • Reclaimthelessons of your past as a force for good!

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Meshell Baker is not only an incredible human being, but also an engaging speaker with a powerful message that inspires people to find their passion, purpose and mission in life! She has created a simple process that is empowering and doable! I highly recommend her VISION talks, workshop and/or minipresentation.

Janifer Wheeler

President, Texas Business Women Austin | Soul Whisperer | Inner IntuitiveJournaling Coach

Her presence as a speaker is resounding and she has a laser focus of energy, be it in her speaking or in her listening. Meshell builds confidence and so artfully breaks down that which we feel is insurmountable. Her words of wisdom and ethos have stuck with me, and the values and goals set in my course with her have been the foundation of my (now successful!) small business. Thank you, Meshell!

Celina Zisman

Small Business Strategist

I have seen Meshell inspire, excite and inform audiences with her natural talent for connecting through her passion for excavating the dreams we all have. She challenges you to not only dare to dream but to also take actions that make those dreams a reality. You cannot go wrong by hiring her for your event.

Sherry Ransom

Author | Gratitude Marketing Specialist | Professional Speaker & Trainer

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