If you aren’t clear WHY you’re not happy or how to love your life… JOIN US

The Wisdom of WHY

A one of a kind guided experience
to discover your purpose and path to
lasting happiness.

It’s High Time To Discover WHY You Are Here.

Not just here on this page.

Why you are here on this planet.

Yes, you are meant to be here. There is no doubt.

You’ve sensed that there’s a greatness within you waiting to be unleashed.

And, you are right.


What If You Could Stop Struggling to Activate Your Dreams?

You’re a smart and exhausted woman leader.

You’ve been trying to control … well, just about everything.

You have driven yourself hard to reach some pinnacle.

You are so close to bliss, but you’ve overlooked it.

Why? Because your focus is OUT THERE.

When what matters is IN HERE.


How Do I Know This?

After a couple of decades showing up as a good co-dependent people pleaser in a “dream” job …

being whatever, my bosses, friends and clients wanted me to be …

I woke up to the truth.

Chasing after approval and living a life without a personal purpose is a prison.

So, I began to change from the inside out.

I studied and mastered how to choose happiness.

I uncovered my gifts and found my WHY. My reason for living.

Now I eat, sleep and breathe my vision.

I am an uncompromising and unstoppable manifestor of my legacy.

And I’ve guided hundreds of people to master their vision.

It’s my blessing and honor to bring this experience to women like you.

I am full of joy all the time. How do I do it? I will show you!


The Wisdom of WHY Workshop

It will change the way you think.

And transform the way you see yourself.

Because you’ve been getting in your own way. And you know it.

In this workshop you will:

  • Realize and honor your gifts.
  • Discover WHY you are here and what you truly want.
  • Map out your individual, unique and beautiful legacy.
  • Create high performance habits that manifest your purpose.
  • Learn how to source instant enthusiasm and support from others.
  • Integrate tools to lift yourself out of any funk and meet any challenge.


We will meet:

In a safe community of like-minded women leaders.

Online, using Zoom Video Conferencing.

In two 4-hour sessions on:

Friday & Saturday

September 21st & 22nd, 2018

11am – 3pm ET [8am – 12pm PT | 9am-1pm MT | 10am – 2pm CT]

You’ll also receive these additional exclusive and amazing bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 – Access to 6-Hours of VISION Mastery Conversations on Zoom (Value $897)
  • Bonus #2 – Access to Transform-U 45 Days to Successful Habits System (Value $295)
  • Bonus #3 – Access to the VISION Mastery Private FB Group (Value $497)
  • Bonus #4 – Access to Mastery Worksheets & Exercises (Value $297)
  • Bonus #5 – Are you up for the Challenge? – Book (Value $17)

These bonuses are valued over $2,003!!

The Wisdom of WHY Workshop Investment     $1,197.00

The current Promotion is $797  (That’s over a 60% Savings!)  

Can’t attend full 2-day workshop? No problem, there’s an option for you. See the comparison below.

WORKSHOP DAY 1 – Awakening Full 2 Day
Day 1
Learn what your #1 asset is
Ditch the worry and declare your wonderful
Uncover your special gifts and assets with powerful questions
Instead of trying to create the HOW let go and trust
Learn new beliefs to empower positive self-talk
Become your own #1 fan!
Create your individual mission & vision statement
Give yourself permission to dream
Learn how to create a looping energy current of opportunity
What you appreciate appreciates
WORKSHOP DAY 2 – Integration
Create your powerful morning routine
What you do in the morning sets up the rest of your day
Learn how to establish a high-performance state of mind
Shift away from being externally driven to internally inspired
Vision Mastery Toolkit delivered to your door
Everything is provided for you
Create your Vision Masterpiece and share it with the group
Adding the tactile to honor your vision
Identify people who fully align with your values and vision
Learn how to turn adversaries into advocates
Graduate to Unconscious Competence
Embed your vision into your unconscious mind
so your purpose is always manifesting
$797 $497


Want a payment plan? You got it!

For the full workshop it’s $397 per month for three months starting the day you enroll.

By the way, the single payment of $797 saves you $394.

The 2 DAY workshop includes:

  • 8-hour group workshop (split into 4 hours for each day)
  • The Wisdom of WHY Workbook
  • The Transform-U 45 Days to Successful Habits System
  • Vision Mastery Toolkit delivered to your door (full workshop enrollment only).

What would it be worth for you to get out of the rut and transform your life from the inside out — a gift that lasts a lifetime?

Real People, Real Results

Marie DeJournette
Life/Health Coach, Trail Running Guide and Avid Adventurer


  • I was constantly in and out of emotional funks.
  • I never seemed to get things going and done to build my business.
  • I have scaled mountains, swam with sharks but was struggling to get out my own way.


  • Focused on daily morning ritual the has me smiling so much others keep asking me why I’m so happy now.
  • Setting achievable goals to empower my vision. Joined a BNI and am speaking regularly.
  • Created an intake system to screen prospects, make appointments – Acuity and take mobile payments PayPal

“Meshell’s commitment to helping others is humbling. She makes a heartfelt effort to reach out and offer whatever help she can wherever it is needed. Her support and encouragement have helped me have the courage to move into a more authentic way of living and have motivated me to shoot for the stars. Her enthusiasm has helped me dream big and move purposefully towards that dream.”

Derricka Drake
Owner My K.I.T. in Fitness & Life


  • I had been searching for a personal way to use my gifts and support my community.
  • I struggled to stay focused or make decisions that gave my business lasting momentum.
  • I was constantly looking for other people to be my answer.


  • My Vision Masterpiece gave me clarity. I know exactly how to serve my community!
  • I’ve since developed and re-launched my business to share my expertise & inspiration for body & soul.
  • And, I’ve found the focus to finish my B.A in Theology and build a new house too.
  • I now have reliable tools to traverse the ruts & detours on my journey.

“I use Meshell’s processes every day to identify and transform self-sabotaging habits, unprofitable emotions, thoughts & words. I’m changing!”


Patricia Alva-Kraker
Business Productivity Coach -Speaker/Trainer/Author  


  • My life was driven by my emotions, feelings and people.
  • Unclear about my business direction and deliverables.
  • Unaligned with my purpose and impact.


  • Now I live my life with certainty of my value and worth.
  • Clear about my “why” and excited about my business.
  • Aligned my goals to drive towards my “why” and live my vision.
  • Finished my soon to be released – “Stop for a Hot Dog” 31 Life Management Practices for Women Entrepreneurs”

“With Meshell’s help, I was able to clearly discover my why and create my VISION Masterpiece that reflects what matters most to me. I came to understand the importance of leading with value and now I’ve become value driven. Anyone struggling with their “why” and purpose clarity must contact Meshell.”

Katherine MacLaren
Entrepreneur, Health Coach


  • I was on the verge of dropping everything & quitting my dream.
  • I struggled with confidence, fear, and faith unsure of my gifts and capabilities.
  • My insecurities were holding me back from fully pursuing the dream of going all out as a health coach. I was stuck.


  • I began reprograming my mindset through daily affirmations!
  • I am staying committed to doing at least one thing out of my comfort zone every day embracing uncertainty!
  • My renewed vision empowers me to move forward with confidence, creativity, and gratitude!

“Meshell far exceeds any expectation.  I have aligned my beliefs about who I am, my desires and my capabilities to fulfill my dreams.  Meshell joyfully inspires and speaks truth in a way that helps those around her to see possibilities and opportunities they did not believe were possible.”

Imagine …

No more:

Second guessing your actions.

Feeling stuck in doubt or cynical about your life.

Believing that you don’t deserve happiness.

Focusing on what could go wrong.

Perceiving life as obstacles.

Chasing the do — do this, do that.

Thinking thoughts passed down to you.

Seeing life as “I have to …”

From here on you’ll say “I get to …”


What Do You Need to Know to Enroll? FAQ

What’s different about this purpose workshop?

This workshop centers on a core transformation — the shift from being externally driven to internally inspired. Once you eliminate that comparison, competition and copy mode of existence, you are no longer relying on your happiness coming from “out there”.  Suddenly, you are joy, so you feel joy … all the time. It’s the kind of AHA that comes once in a lifetime.

I’ve done Vision Boards before, what will doing another one do for me?

I get it. Most vision boards are just a pretty collage, and nothing changes. Your Vision Masterpiece, supported by a high-performance mission statement and a critical internal shift creates a looping energy current of opportunity. And, you won’t do this alone. Your people, both in this group and beyond, will help you.

What if I can’t attend both days?

There’s an option for you to attend Day 1 only for a reduced price. Take a look at the section above called ALL THE DETAILS with the comparison chart.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Trust your intuition. You know what’s right for you. Consider that, if you’ve gotten to this point, something has called you to this. All that’s left is to say ‘yes’ to yourself.

What kind of support systems do you offer after the workshop?

If you love co-creativity, a community membership program is coming very soon that provides ongoing support to activate your vision. We’ll email you about it when it’s ready so stay subscribed. If you want private support, grab an Intensive with me. If you want to go deeper in a live VIP retreat, we’ll let you know the next date.

Don’t forget the Wisdom of WHY Guarantee

I believe so strongly in you and the Wisdom of WHY that I feel great about giving this guarantee. If you feel that you did not receive any transformational value from this course, THEN THE COURSE IS FREE. Just contact me directly and we’ll talk it through.

What Are You Waiting For?

We all have an expiration date.

The #1 regret of the dying is wishing they dared to live a life truer to themselves.

The big mistake is in thinking that someday you will get to this.

Today is that someday.

Make a promise to yourself right now to live your life ON PURPOSE. And get joy into your daily experience.

© 2018 Meshell Baker