I want my inner voice critic to become my cheerleader and my champion…

Becoming Belief Group Coaching Program

It will change the way you think…

And transform the way you see yourself…

Because you have been getting in your own way…

And you know it!

During this program you will

  • Declare your big hairy audacious goal.
  • Determine the Routines that propel Success.
  • Invest in Your Intentional & Strategic Behaviors.
  • Create high-performance habits that manifest your purpose.
  • Experience the benefits of loving support and enthusiasm.
  • Empower your mindset, self-talk, and imagination.

Become your own No. #1 Fan!

How Do I Know This Works?

After 25+ years of coaching, leading and facilitating women’s groups and empowering their collective wisdom and genius, I know from experience that group coaching is a rewarding way to create lasting change and establish powerful habits.

Are you currently…

  • FRUSTRATED – Things don’t feel or look the way you first envisioned.
  • OVERWHELMED – with daily tasks, decisions, and mistakes.
  • DISAPPOINTED – With outcomes and results of your efforts.
  • CONF–USED – About how to make yourself do what you know and want to do.
  • UNCOMFORTABLE – With change and going out of your comfort zone.
  • I AM READY to create an amazing life!
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Real Clients, Real Results

All the details


For women who want to use their gifts and talents to make a difference in their lives and the world. This program will increase your confidence and accelerate your achievements. Create the habits you always wanted so you can live the life you’ve been dreaming of. Are you ready to stand up and become unapologetically you!

Most people focus only on what they want or don't want. When your why (reasons) becomes greater than your wants (results) you will have enough leverage to crush that pesky inner voice critics. Time to get what you want and believe you deserve it.

This is a 12-week Group Coaching Program for you and heart-driven women where you get to fully commit to living your best life ever. And carve a red hot passionate, purposeful & profitable path for personal and professional success.

We will be going through a strategic and soulfully designed process to build successful habits while learning to create a supportive close-knit community of like-minded women. You will develop changes in your self-talk and mindset.

Basically, we will be designing and building your Inner Voice Champions and crushing those nagging Inner Voice Critics!

Becoming Belief participants not only complete the program and master their mind. The results increase week over week, participants building unshakable sales confidence through measured increased ability. Get ready for a game-changing sprint to unleash your potential and ignite your life.


  • 45-Day Daily Confidence Habit Builder
  • Access to 12-Hours of Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Integration Calls Deeper dive into applying what you're learning
  • Reveal specific patterns holding you back and successfully shift them.
  • Visioning Mastery worksheets and Manifesting exercises
  • Unlimited Email and Private Group Access
  • Non-urgent request-response within 48 hours
  • A Deck of Confidence Affirmation Cards



  • The program begins June - TBA
  • 12-Weeks of Once-Weekly Coaching.
  • Requires a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day; up to 2 hours per week.
  • Group Coaching using highly focused, engaging sessions, run over Zoom.



This group coaching provides the tools for you to learn the art of mastering yourself. Change your self-talk and mindset and shut down that pesky inner voice critic. Establish a top-performing inner voice champion. Everything you want is inside of you. Time to create the habit of believing in yourself and that things work out in your favor.


My programs provide you with straight talk, support and structure. If you decide this is for you, then you are giving me permission to give you the push necessary to force you out of your comfort zone to crush that nagging inner voice critic. We will be a great fit if you are motivated to take action, determined to produce results, and committed to creating lasting changes. We will not be a good fit if you’d prefer to make excuses instead of becoming your own number #1 Fan!

Real Women, Real Results


Letting go of being co-dependent continuously. That has been an extremely tough one to replace but I’m coming along nicely. Also, negative self-talk was huge for me. I still catch myself doing that however, I am learning how to replace the talk and beliefs with something powerful and positive. I’m learning to remain positive throughout the day and not allowing other people’s words and action deter my path. Also, learning to say no has helped me gain more clarity and focus on my goals and my dreams.

Traci D. Canterbury
Domestic Violence Coach & Advocate


Life is a journey…being able to balance and be consistent in all that I do. By starting all over in everything that I was doing, I built a stronger more solid foundation. Letting go of some things that I couldn’t be a part of because it was pouring into my greater good. My vision has truly allowed me to dig deeper into self and declutter my life and reorganize it in a more productive way.

Tiffany Owens
Jewelry Designer & Motivator


The idea of creating a clear vision that would bring me to joy again seemed unfathomable because I was taking life day by day. However, I wrote my vision and experiences and opportunities started coming my way. With my vision in hand, I knew what my dream job would be and every day I asked the Universe to bring me this job or something better. In August I finally saw the words that my ideal company to work for was creating the ideal position, and that my application was being considered. In October I was offered my dream job, and I immediately had to tell Meshell because she helped me make this possible. I am the New York Organizer for Indivisible Project, where I get to live my vision of supporting communities that save democracy. My experience working with Meshell plus the wisdom she has shared with me makes me feel like I have an ace up my sleeve. I say thank-you for every experience, even when things don’t appear to go my way. Meshell has blessed my life. Absolutely invest in yourself and partner with Meshell Baker!

Sarah Reeske
NY Grassroots Organizer


I am proud of the fact that I am seeing myself accomplish more things without stress and I also find myself becoming more creative in my tasks because I have more calm/peace while doing them and when I come to a bump in the road I am better able to problem solve! The lessons and tools that Meshell has provided have been invaluable in my personal growth. The ladies on the group call are all amazing and very encouraging as well. I am creating successful habits of not putting things off/procrastinating due to overwhelm and I am doing better in the area of not allowing my emotions to control me as often. I am thinking of more creative ways to handle situations.

Katherine MacLaren
Health Coach & Fitness Advocate


I am more committed to my vision, more able to counter negative derailing habits and becoming stronger and closer to my goals every day. I learned to word and re-frame my thoughts. And I’m doing better in the risk-taking area. I am not as shy about risks as before. And I’m presenting myself as an expert to my clients. Journey to Joy has allowed me to be me. To be accepting of who I am and not feel I have to apologize for who I am not. I am a lot more aware of what I say and how my words can either stall or propel my success. I am not afraid because fear is not a part of my success story. I am reminded daily of the awesome contributions I have to make and I look forward to my Journey with Joy and great expectation.

Jacqueline Primrose
Business Analyst & Entrepreneur


Being on the weekly calls with likeminded women that all supported each other really helped empower me and show me how I want to share this experience with others who want to grow with support. I loved the calls and hearing all the different ways we struggled with similar life issues. I am most proud of how I am not as much of s people pleaser. I am listening to my gut and deciding what I want. I am learning to take time for myself. I pause more and am not as reactive. I’m not taking things personally. I finally quit smoking. I am so much more positive and grateful and am attracting much more positive people into my life. My relationships with others, especially with my husband improve every day now. I can respond instead of reacting. And I am less apologetic and so much more positive and confident.

Dina Ziskin
Office Manager

Top Benefits of the Group Coaching Experience

  • Shared strengths, experiences and learning among fellow Group Coaching participants.
  • Measurable progress in your personal and professional life.
  • Enthusiasm and encouragement of like-minds – there are others out there.
  • A nonjudgmental and supportive environment that is full of active listeners.
  • A network of successful people who will support you in your evolution.
  • Increased self-mastery and leadership skills as you support and coach other group members.
  • High-level interaction, feedback, and a new outlook
  • Access to group members in a Private Closed Facebook Group

What If You Could Create Powerful Habits?

Values set your course!

Who you want to become & how you get there

Invest in yourself!

Establish daily habits to sustain the journey

Stand Up to cultivate confidence!

Live outside your comfort zone

Incorporate accountability!

Acquire a circle of influence

Opportunities around you!

Become a blessing, a gift, and an answer

Never Stop dreaming!

Move forward no matter what

FAQ's: What Do You Need to Know to Enroll?


Becoming Belief Group Coaching Guarantee

I believe so strongly in you and the Becoming Belief that I feel great about giving this guarantee. If you feel that you did not receive any transformational value from this course, THEN THE COURSE IS FREE. Just contact me directly and we’ll talk it through.

What Are You Waiting For?