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For every deck of Confidence Cards you purchase, a deck is donated to Truth Be Told a prison and jail program for women providing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and healing from past trauma.


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Since 2000, Truth Be Told has been addressing a documented service gap in the carceral system for programs designed by women for women. Our gender-responsive programs address the unique risk factors that lead women into the criminal legal system — namely, high rates of interpersonal violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, and histories of childhood physical and sexual abuse. Through programs that weave together elements of restorative justice, healing through storytelling, life skills, and self-care tools, Truth Be Told empowers women to break free from the imprisoning narrative of past trauma and abuse. Post-release, we offer our program graduates a safe community, emotional support, and personal and professional development opportunities.

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Are you REALLY ready to BE ENOUGH?

Daily Confidence Affirmation Deck


Daily Confidence Affirmation Deck


52 beautifully designed cards with powerful I AM statements and question prompts to help you practice self-care, self-worth, and affirm your awesomeness.

Do you often find yourself struggling with confidence?

Do you find yourself worrying and full of negative thoughts?

Are you unsure of what to do when you’re feeling down?

So much of what we say to ourselves and about ourselves is negative. Affirmations give us the opportunity to choose words that help eliminate something that is limiting our success or create something positive. Affirmations help retrain the thought patterns enabling us to eliminate low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviors, and negative thoughts with thoughts that create success, confidence, wealth, health, and loving relationships.

"I AM" is the most powerful phrase you can speak because what follows "I am" defines who you are in the moment. You are meant to be striving every day to reaffirm your awesomeness. The “I AM” Confidence Affirmation Cards are a tool to remind you of how amazing you are. You can shuffle the deck and draw one card and read it aloud to yourself every morning to start your day. Or, you can use them as needed by shuffling the deck and pulling a card at the moment. No one can beat you at being you. The Confidence Affirmation Cards are designed for you to win!


  • 52 Card Deck
  • Smooth Card Stock, Gloss Finish
  • 5x7 Organza Carrying Pouch
  • Dimensions: 2.75'' x 4.75"

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My Story

Meshell R Baker, is a captivating Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Sales Confidence Coach, and founder of Women of Sales & Influence. Meshell leverages her 20+ years of sales experience, working with individuals, teams, and organizations aligning their beliefs, and behaviors delivering impact to their consumer attraction and client transactions. She utilizes vision and sales mastery processes that guide her clients to confidently communicate. Meshell is referred to as “an amazing gift of clarity.” And is renowned for her no-nonsense approach that inspires audiences.

Hear from Meshell's Customers



Pleasanton, CA

Simply put, "Meshell has a gift." She has a gift of helping others realize their full potential in their capacity as a professional and an individual trying to find more clarity in life.



Los Angeles, CA

Meshell has an energetic and loving presence. I was lucky enough to be coached by her and I instantly felt her authentic care for me and my future. She poured into my life valuable information and guidance.



Lexington, SC

Working with Meshell has been an answered prayer. Her coaching has transformed my life. I am achieving the visions in which I see for my career, relationships, health. My life is more abundant since I’ve gone through her program.



Austin, TX

If you need help establishing the habit of confidence and vision for your business or life, Meshell is the person to work with! She exudes love and kindness in everything she does with her clients.

Daily Confidence Affirmation Deck