10 Day Confidence Challenge

How to feel amazing and attract your abundant life!

10 Day Confidence Challenge

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Are you ready to bridge the gap to I’mPossible?

Are you struggling to attract the abundant life your desire? Do you often find yourself questioning your value?

Join this 10 Day CONFIDENCE Challenge and receive the tools you need to bridge the gap to I’mPossible!

Welcome to the CONFIDENCE Challenge! This is for people who have had (or not have) experienced success; and who have persistent conversation and feelings of self-doubt. By the end of these 10 days and some work, you will become a more confident and amazing person.


Allison Simpson

Great. Thought provoking. So appreciative. Thanks. Definitely recommended. This class will help you think about your why and how that can improve your life and business. Put a plan in place and have a vision board to keep on track.

Cheryl Luke
Director – Speaker – Writer

A great experience. Meshell Baker helped me crystalize my goals and mission in just a few simple steps. I highly recommend Meshell to anyone looking to refine what you do and why you do it.

Michelle Matte
Interiors & Your Design Fix

Meshell Baker, describe her in one word... WOW!! She has motivated me to a new level of passion for what I do. Which has immediately taken my team and business to a new level of success. I recommend Meshell for anyone who is wanting to get to the roots of what is...

Grace Gerry
of yoUnlimited

Thank you Meshell for an inspiration and hands on seminar in Victoria, BC Canada. I loved your encouragement to be our best selves, not worry about perfection, and keep going forward. You model being your best self, learning as you go, and trusting your higher power...


Celina Zisman
Small Business Strategist

Her presence as a speaker is resounding and she has a laser focus of energy, be it in her speaking or in her listening. Meshell builds confidence and so artfully breaks down that which we feel is insurmountable. Her words of wisdom and ethos have stuck with me, and the values and goals set in my course with her have been the foundation of my (now successful!) small business. Thank you, Meshell!

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Watch all the videos in the 10-day challenge.


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About Meshell

Meshell Baker International Award Keynote Speaker

Hello, Big Dreamer!

I am so excited you are getting to know me. I live, eat, sleep, and breath VISION!  My mission, passion, and purpose are to help as many as possible to experience joy and excitement for their lives through the VISION Development Process! Why vision? Because it is one of the most powerful developers of clarity, confidence, and courage.Nothing GREAT is ever achieved or accomplished without a minds-eye view what is possible, in the face of what “appears” to be impossible. So what can I do for you?  I’m glad you asked… First, let me tell you a little about me.

I am The Queen of CRAZY Confidence and Founder/CEO of Meshell Baker Enterprises, LLC. I am described as a highly engaging and captivating speaker, a confidence catalyst, a fear liberator and a renowned and well respected teach of vision.

My clients achieve refocused clarity, renewed confidence and rebooted courage by creating their successful Vision & Mission Strategy campaigns to increase revenues, build social awareness, and they often become key players in their organizations and communities.

  • Count me in!

    I am ready to start my challenge
  • What would you LOVE to accomplish and/or achieve?
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