Are You Enthusiastic About Creating Your 2018?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you ready to create your BigDREAMS in 2018? I’m incredibly excited for this coming year. I am more enthusiastic than I have been in years about what’s possible for 2018. What makes this year so special you ask? For the past 4 years I’ve thrown the resolution ritual out the window. And instead have chosen ONE WORD to be my foundation for change and growth!

I like so many others, found myself incredibly overjoyed and excited about the opportunity and annual new beginnings on January 1st. WOOHOO I thought, this will be the year I finally make my much desired changes. This year will be different, I’m finally going to lose weight, stay on budget, start dating again… You name it, I’ve TRIED to make a resolution for it. And also like so many others, I found myself faltering, falling and failing and never getting back up to achieve my desired results.

Four years ago while researching a better way than resolutions, guess what I discovered…it’s OKAY TO FAIL! Making mistakes does not make you flawed, it’s simply a sign that you are a Perfectly Imperfect Person…:-) More importantly mistakes are simply life’s lesson allowing you to become a better people. And like most people you want more…to have more, do more and be more…so once again the hope of a New Year’s Resolution looms in the distance beckoning you.

Don’t believe me…here are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017:

This is my fifth year to focus on ONE WORD.  Every year my word is imparted to me during my time of prayer, meditation, silence and/or journaling. My one word serves as a guide throughout my year encouraging and empowering to make bolder and braver choices.  Here is a recap of my past and current words:

2014: Im’Possible – I accepted every challenging, difficult and scary opportunity. It taught me the skill of observing the opportunity in every obstacle and facing fear head on.

2015: Unstoppable – I was encouraged to keep moving forward. In moments of overwhelm that where prior barriers I’d pause and focus on the ONE thing to do next.

2016: Self-Care – The discipline to say YES to Me!  I began developing an awareness of how much I was doing that did not serve me, my dreams or vision.  I began to seeking and searching for more truth in who I was.

2017: Processes – I recognized I was following what I saw others doing, what I’d been coached to do and what I believed to be true.  The journey of the #DreamBigBus guided me to embrace uncertainty and clarify my purposeful path.

2018: Mastery – Business mastery is my focus for 2018.  Learning mindset, habits and skills for becoming and embodying a millionaire creator of wealth. As well as continued growth in self-mastery.

TIPS for uncovering your ONE WORD: Think about your greatest fear. Remember everything you want is on the other side of FEAR (Failing to Engage Available Resources).   Or ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew I would not fail?”  Now, what is the ONE THING?  Another method is to think about ONE BAD HABIT that you’d love to stop or change.

If it doesn’t challenge you; it will not change you! ~ Henry Ford.  My challenge to you is to make a different choice.  Instead of a resolution that is about you DOING something, target ONE WORD that will be your foundation for BECOMING an incredibly valuable person.  By embracing ONE WORD, one core value that is true to who you desire to become, your behaviors will become much more manageable.  This method is the beginning of you moving from mediocre to master.  “NOBODY can beat you at being you…it’s time to WIN!


Now use this ONE WORD to build your Brilliance for 2018!  And join me this evening at 6:00pm CST to Learn the Lessons and Be A Blessing!  Can’t make it tonight?  No worries, this is a weekly Monday Night Call will be an ongoing discussion about how to benefit from life’s challenges and turn obstacles into opportunities and problems into possibilities!  REGISTER: 

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