How Do You Spell Success?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu ~

Your extraordinary life experiences will always be in equal proportion to your executed efforts. BIG DREAMS begin with small things done daily and consistently over time.

Great achievement first requires the smallest of actions.  Begin by recognizing you can be and do everything your heart desires.  But it only happens when you ACT.  No one ever discovered their amazing life, or created the incredible or achieved the unbelievable without first facing their fears.

Find someone to keep you accountable. Someone who is vested in their vision, values and service to this world.  Someone who is on a journey to discover their best self.  And together your capabilities will uncover an unlimited source of solutions to experience everyday excellence!

In the words of Mark Twain, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

  1. Acknowledge
    Recognize that you are responsible for your life and be willing to change it.
  2. Believe
    All great accomplishments begin when you visualize the possibility of your better.
  3. Chose
    Altering your outcomes requires new information to make a different decision.
  4. Drive
    Overnight successes are rarely overnight. Consistent persistence will always win.
  5. Excite
    Enthusiasm for your goals, dreams and vision is contagious! Stay excited, others will eventually come around.
  6. Faith
    Believing against all odds when you can’t see the end and no one supports you.
  7. Gratitude
    If you are not happy here, then you probably won’t be happy there. It’s the journey not the destination.
  8. Help
    Be humble enough to know that you do not know everything and cannot do it alone. Ask for assistance.
  9. Imagine
    Do something different to have something different. Spark your creativity by incorporating new information.
  10. Journaling
    Keep your thoughts where you can find them. You never know what great idea written today will be your goldmine tomorrow!
  11. Knowledgeable
    Be so well informed, learned, and cultivated that people are drawn to you for their own enlightenment.
  12. Laughter
    If you aren’t enjoying yourself find something else to do. Life is too short!
  13. Mistakes
    You must be willing to fail in order to succeed. So get prepared to make lots of errors on your way to success.
  14. Nurture
    Protect your inner peace by taking time to listen and nourish your mind, body and soul. Replenish as necessary.
  15. Opportunity
    People will always be your greatest assets. Treat everyone as if they are bearing gifts and you’ll never go hungry!
  16. Preparation
    Systematic planning will have you ready for a variety of outcomes.
  17. Quiet
    Regularly schedule time to listen to your own intuition so you can know your purpose.
  18. Relentless
    Solutions are achieved, and answers are found by those who refuse to give up pursuit.
  19. Serve
    Be a solution for others and you will soon find your results.
  20. Teamwork
    Have faith in those you’re leading, and they will have faith in you.
  21. Uncomfortable
    To have what you’ve never had, do what you’ve never done…that’s not comfortable.
  22. Values
    Let your behaviors speak volumes about your beliefs.
  23. Words
    Use them wisely. The more you uplift others, the more you too will rise.
  24. Xecution (had to use a work around)
    Your life of excellence will always be equivalent to your executed efforts.
  25. Yes
    Align with your purpose and accept opportunities as already achieved.
  26. Zealous
    Become your own #1 fan and the world will soon cheer with you!

When you apply these activities from A to Z, your actions will assuredly accomplish and achieve the AMAZING!

Dare to DREAM in 2017!!

Meshell Baker is an International Speaker, Trainer and Purpose Coach.  She works with individuals, groups and organizations to define clarity of purpose, confidence in uncertainty and courage for the unknown.  Meshell’s clients, create A Clearly Defined Purpose and establish successful vision & mission strategies that increase revenues, build social awareness, and become key players in their organizations and communities.  To discuss with Meshell how she can be a value add to your endeavors, email your request to [email protected].