Did you jump out of bed today?


So, did you jump out of bed today?

If you responded yes and bounce of your bed daily…I’d love to hear what makes your steps spring and your soul sing!

If you answered no, it’s actually the more common response. And, if you are interested in putting some spring in your step and a song in your soul…keep reading.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and am encouraged each morning to see what the day brings. I am excited for opportunities and delighted to engage with people. My passion and joy are unwavering regardless of challenges, obstacles and naysayers! I’ve found the purpose of my life’s pain and have a clear vision for my future.

And it’s my pleasure to share with you the following questions that will help you clarify whether you on a purposeful path:

• Do you have something that make you jump out of bed daily?
• Do you have a activity or hobby that makes you lose track of time?
• Are you relentless in your pursuit of answers and solutions?
• Do you regularly have ideas that prompt you to act?
• Are you able to be comfortable in a room full of strangers?
• Do you believe you can achieve your BIGGEST DREAM?

If your response was “NO” to 1 or more questions, you are experiencing life’s uncertainties (circumstances, situations and people) which obstruct passion and purpose. If all your responses were “YES” and you still have some challenges, you may require a clarity check-up of your purposeful path. You see on the long journeys, almost everyone must stop for directions or ask for course corrections. And purposeful living is a life-long journey.

Do you want to A CLEARLY DEFINED PURPOSE to ignite your momentum to sustain your drive through the challenges, obstacles, disappointments, naysayers, rejection, failures that life throws at you?

During my Virtual Vision Board Webinar you will uncover your Vision and discover Clarity, Confidence and Courage to achieve your BIG DREAMS!
• UNWAVERING – Values, Standards, Mission and Laser Focus!
• UNSTOPPABLE – Understanding of how to SHOW UP and Connect!
• UNCOMPROMISING – Delivery of exemplary client experiences!

On December 6th and 10th, 2016, I’m hosting my 3-hour LIVE, virtual webinars (you can join from anywhere), beginning at 1PM or 11AM EST respectively. During this webinar, you will discover what your real gift is and how to create your own opportunities (Yes, your path to profits is about to get simpler!) and you will create your Vision Board for 2017!

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