Let Your VOICE Be The Gift

My weekly vow of Silent Sunday has helped me be an observer of our noisy, noisy world.  And I’ve noticed that everyone has a valuable VOICE.  But with so much clawing to acquire status and stuff.  And so many people clamoring to be noteworthy and memorable, without offering anything of substance or creating anything substantial.  Most are missing out on being a valuable gift.  So how does one go about becoming a VOICE that channels confidence and courage to change?  It begins when you decide to not just temporarily excite your audience and listeners, that you instead actively ignite their ideas and offer them something lasting and sustainable.

Be the change in the world you want to see.  ~ Ghandi

YES, you who are reading this can create something amazing every time you open your mouth.  Because you and every person on this planet interact with enough people daily to create lasting impressions.  You have a powerful ripple effect in our world.  Are you ready to let your VOICE be the gift that keeps giving?

V – Visible Vulnerability
How will you use your words to change the world?  The simplest way to begin is by using your life’s lessons learned.  Those rich life experiences that have taught you and produced confidence and courage.  Many leaders who make an impact have been willing to share of their trauma and tragedy in a manner that encourages, inspires and strengthens others.  Your commitment to lasting and sustained impact requires being honest and transparent.  And it’s these experiences that are key to demonstrating your ability to be flexible and agile.  Your expertise of experience fortifies your leadership preparing you to build, grow and evolve in today’s world!

O – Optimistic Original
How will you empower others to embrace their beautiful unique?  It is wonderful to be a person of influence, or to desire to be this person.  Yours will be the joy of establishing and maintaining a fan base and audience.  The endeavor to maintain authenticity is a great undertaking of building and rebuilding.  Because nothing stays the same or last forever.  While being current and relevant is critical for preserving a legion of loyal listeners.  Do not forget to honor what made you a rare jewel and your brilliance will forever shine through, and give permission to others to do the same.  The greatest gift you can give yourself and those who support you, is becoming and being the best you ever!

I – Influence with Integrity
How will you use your platform to lead?  Building a following and being considered a thought leader is a lofty and attainable goal.  And the reality of this responsibility is the daily and never-ending changes, challenges and choices.  Leaders become the model for hundreds, thousands and possibly millions.  For some, your every move will become a topic of conversation.  And when you lead with consistency of character, you speak volumes through value and virtue.  Never forget there is no perfect, simply a polished persistence.  And allow others to see you gratefully and graciously navigate through whatever your leadership brings and yours will be a tenure of triumph!

C – Challenge the Chaos
How will you capture their attention?  Most of society is being propelled by their negative circumstances, situations and people in their lives.  They allow the external to influence their choices of what they are doing, where there are going and how they are living.  We know this because many people speak in terms of their life by reciting what they have to do, what they have to have or who they have to be.  This is a confusing, overwhelming and exhausting way to live.  One surefire method to break this pattern, is to know and embody your why (purpose).  In doing so, yours becomes the road less traveled casting a beacon or bonfire guiding the lost into the light.  The power of your positivity will prompt someone’s possibility!

E – Excel at Extraordinary
How will you be exceptional among the mediocre?  One efficient and effective way to differentiate yourself while impacting others is to be extraordinary.  You see when you add a little extra to the ordinary that equals extra-ordinary.  By doing your best with the resources that you have, where you are right now… well that is rare and amazing.  It is the few who can sidestep excuses and alibis to create results in the face of unexpected changes.  Even though one of life’s constants is change.  When you decide to not wait or hesitate to give more and be more than expected, you are deciding to become the leader of the pack.  Your ongoing decision to give a little extra will build a beautiful brand!

Not sure where or how to use your VOICE?  Here is an activity to help you begin: Think of ONE of your life’s most difficult, challenging and/or disappointing experiences.  Now, retell and rewrite the story in a way it helps one person.  Imagine there is someone currently going through an incredible challenge, and you have been given the task of using ONLY your prior experience to encourage and empower them.  Authentically share your story with a new beneficial ending.  What did you learn?  And how has this made you stronger?  When you look for the lessons learned you become open to life’s limitless possibilities.

And still there’s more… something wonderful transpires.  The experiences that once held power over you loses their control.  The power moves from you to those you empower through sharing.  By establishing the practice of giving your life’s experiences to others, the more powerful your VOICE will become.  And soon enough you will be creating the change you want to see.  This is how you use your VOICE as our Creator originally crafted it to be… As a blessing for all!

Meshell ❤

Meshell Baker, The Congruency Catalyst, is a captivating and highly engaging International Speaker, Trainer, Purpose Coach and a well-respected teacher of VISION.  Her mission is to empower as many as possible to find joy and enthusiasm for their lives through her uniquely crafted VISION Development Process.  In May 2017, Baker launched the DreamBigBus Tour, a speaking tour with a twist. Baker is traveling from city to city in a 22-foot Class B recreational vehicle, decorated with one burning question: What would you do if you knew you would not fail?  Meshell’s clients, create clearly define visions & missions that establish successful strategies to increase revenues, build social awareness, and become key players in their organizations and communities. www.MeshellBaker.com/