Mastering Your M.O.N.E.Y. Mindset

One of the greatest pleasures on my purposeful path is collaborating with other passionate people.  This week’s blog is courtesy of being a guest blog author for Cassie Pusey and Whitney Nelson, co-founders of Brilliant People on May 19th.  They are on a mission to liberate women from self-limiting money mindsets that hinder experiencing a meaningful life.  You can check out their upcoming Austin area event, Breakthrough to Financial Freedom for Women.  And enjoy this week’s blog…

For many years, money was an elusive and puzzling desire.  Being raised in a religious household, my first recognition of money was through the scripture, “Money is the root of all evil.”  Which is misquoted, misinterpreted and misunderstood by most of civilization.  The correct reference is: “1 Timothy 6:10 – For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”  Now don’t get me wrong, I have zero judgments against anyone’s endeavors to be rich.  This is simply a personal observation and narrative of my money mindset journey.

My earliest recollection of money, aside from the aforementioned, is its limited quantity.  There seemed to be an unending discussion of its benefits by the adults in my early years.  They often discussed their “If Only’s and What if’s” surrounding the lack of money.  Yet these same conversations often gravitated towards those who had the money or who had recently acquired money.  But they were never glowing or kind in their judgments and condemnations of those privy to the elusive fix all…money.  I now recognize the duplicity of their declarations.  Want and guilt of want comingled to create beliefs that constantly thwarted and repelled opportunity to access an abundance available to all.

My journey of self-discovery, love, and growth has found me face to face with money time and time again.  And it was not until I was willing to shed beliefs that did not serve my purpose and vision have I been able to walk into an abundant mindset.  Honestly, there is no magical trick or mythical elixir that cures money woes.  Plain and simple, IT TAKES WORK!  And only those willing to work will have access to its abundance.

If you are ready to begin, set aside time to evaluate and accept where you are, decide unwavering where you want to go, create a plan and be willing to adapt when the plan goes awry (because they always do!)  By first creating a vision of your wonderful and amazing life, you will know what you need to do to get there.  Without a destination, there is zero opportunity for acquisition.  Find professionals and experts to give you guidance before making any life-altering decisions.   And most important, pour grace on yourself.  Do not compare your progress to someone else.  Remember comparison is the thief of Joy!  Remind yourself this a journey that takes time.  If you keep at it, you will master your money mindset.

Here are few questions that began to shift my money perspective and have served me well on my path to mastering my money mindset.

M_Mindset – What do I believe money can do for me?
O_ Optimism – Does my happiness waver based on how much money I do/don’t have?
N_Nurture – How do I treat/track the money I currently have?
E_Extraordinary – How can I add a little extra to the ordinary increasing my value?
Y_Yes – Do I say yes to challenges outside my comfort zone?

Success leaves clues, so here are some insights from a multimillionaire mind:

1. An “ordinary” person is concerned with protecting their ego. When problems arise that they don’t understand, they prefer to pretend intelligence instead of seeking assistance. A multimillionaire mind constantly asks questions, seeks knowledge and consistently learns. Progress and innovation have no ego.

2. An “ordinary” person is concerned with having. They constantly look to buy and acquire things and stuff. A multimillionaire mind has an entrepreneurial outlook. They look at what is trending and think, “How can I create/produce this or something similar in my own industry?”

3. An “ordinary” person is wish-focused. They daydream about making gobs of money. A study shows the top 3 ways Americans believe you acquire wealth – #1 Lottery, #2 Inheritance and #3 Lawsuit A multimillionaire mind is reality-based. They consistently analyze their own success and the success of others and are curious how they can learn and improve themselves.

4. An “ordinary” person, when confronted with a challenging idea, thinks of all the excuses and alibis about why an idea won’t work. Thereby justifying their meager existence. A multimillionaire mind sees possibilities in every problem and opportunity in every obstacle. They create a clear vision of how they can succeed.

5. An “ordinary” person resists change and shrinks back into their comfort zone. A multimillionaire mind embraces being uncomfortable. They recognize nothing amazing ever happens in the comfort zone and they seek uncertainty as a means of igniting their creativity.

6. An “ordinary” person accepts the status quo. They believe it’s always been this way, so it will always be this way. A multimillionaire mind is always looking to make things – even great things – better. They constantly ask themselves, how can I improve what is already amazing?

7. An “ordinary” person reacts to external stimuli (people, places, and circumstances). A multimillionaire mind is internally motivated and externally focused. They interact and respond from knowledge and experience, not emotions.

8. An “ordinary” person looks at a successful person and thinks, “That person is lucky.” Or “That person is a fraud.” They discount or diminish a person’s efforts and abilities. A wealth creator mindset understands, what one person can do, another can do and ask themselves, how can I do that?

I no longer look to make money but instead seek to create value.  Recognize that money is a currency.  It flows from person to person.  Money is most often acquired as an exchange of services, products, and goods.  The more value you create, the happier your clients and/or bosses and the more money you will acquire.  By making it a win-win proposition for all, you might find you enjoy yourself as more money comes your way!

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