Are You Prepared To Be Your BEST Today?

Your BEST will always find your better.  ~ Meshell Baker

What exactly does being your B.E.S.T. mean?  Well, I’m glad you asked.?  For me, it has been a way of walking my calling (purpose) that has generated more favor than I could have ever imagined!  Basically, walking the talk and giving more value at every opportunity than expected.  And leaving others better for having met me.  All while being charismatic, contagious and captivating!  YEAH, I can say that now but it hasn’t always been that way.  There have been so many times I felt discouraged and disappointed.  So how have I gone from Blah to Bliss?

Well, actually it has been quite simple.  I applied one of life’s long-standing principles, whatever you appreciate appreciates.  And the way I appreciate life is giving my BEST always.  You see life’s journey is about giving my BEST from where I am with what I have.  It does not matter what I don’t have or didn’t get, or what someone else has or did get.  It also doesn’t matter that life is unfair or hard.  What does matter is that at every given moment I have the most powerful gift given to everyone; I have a choice.  And with that choice, I get the opportunity to choose to be my B.E.S.T.   I get to be, great at me and you get to be great at being You!

Let’s talk about what that means, you get to be great at being You.  It starts when you focus on what you can do right now, where you are, with what you have.  When you decide (Latin = to cut off) what you can do and do that.  There is no magical formula for success.  It’s simple, work every day at being a better you.  Fortune favors the prepared.  And when an opportunity comes calling dressed like an obstacle, or possibility show up cloaked in problems, you are prepared!

I will share with you what has brought me success for the past 2+ decades.  It begins and ends with giving your absolute B.E.S.T. regardless of situations, circumstances, and people.  Remember you are human and are built to make mistakes and fail.  And that’s okay, just keep getting back up and getting better and success will creep up on you before you know it.?  The goal is to be Persistently Consistent not Perfectly Contrived.

Below are a few ideas, insights and inspiration to prepare you to be your BEST!

B – Believe – Relentlessly seek to know what you’ve been created to express to this world. Uncover your Purpose!
TIP: Practice journaling daily. Set aside time to commune with the Lord so He can direct your steps.

E – Enthusiasm – Joy is contagious! A positive outlook will bring about a positive outcome.
TIP: Gratitude is a game changer. Think in term of the possibilities not problems.

S – Service – Impeccable service is so rare that when it happens, it does not go unnoticed.
TIP: Execute in excellence regardless of others and you will reap the rewards.

T – Trust – Always value the trust acquired. Be the person who keeps their word; an Example, not the Excuse.
TIP: Replace “YES” with “I’ll get back to you” or ask “How soon can I get back to You?” These responses reduce the number of commitments made and promise broken.

REMEMBER – No one can beat you at being YOU! Be your B.E.S.T. and let God do the Rest!

VISION Mastery Strategist – Meshell Baker, is a captivating and highly engaging International Speaker and Purpose Coach, currently fulfilling her mission to empower as many as possible to find joy and enthusiasm in their lives.  Baker has been living, working and traveling from city to city onboard her 22-foot RV (recreational vehicle) since May 2017.  Her vehicle is decorated with one burning question: What would you do if you knew you would not fail?  Baker is renowned for her unique VISION Mastery processes that guides her clients to define purposeful goals, create powerful visions and craft compelling missions.  Her clients sustain success by becoming valuable in the marketplace while achieving their biggest dreams and greatest desires. Baker inspires others to step into their brilliance by modeling a lifestyle of embracing uncertainty and the uncomfortable. Book your 30-Minute Discovery Session: