One of life’s greatest challenges is the weight of shame.  It is born in sin and grows in the darkness of silence.  I was hindered for years, basically frozen in the fear of “If they only knew…” Living life terrified that someone would learn of my past mistakes and misdeeds, some of which weren’t even my fault, I was simply the victim of another’s sin.


What has taken me years to learn is…I’M NOT PERFECT!!  So guess what…I make mistakes…I make bad choices…I even do some dumb things repeatedly…J  But I found a SAVIOR who has loved me in spite of my faults, choices and shortcomings.  His words speak life.  He tells me who I am and what I can do!  He is the light, the truth and the way that brought me out of darkness of feeling unworthy!


Your past is not an anchor meant to hold you, it is an arrow that should soar you.  One of life’s truth is, you CANNOT change your past, but you CAN change your future.  Don’t know how to begin or what to do? My first step out of darkness was attending church, after service I went up front for prayer, after a while I connected to a small group, then a bible study, then counseling, then coaching…with every step founded God’s words.


It is a process but well worth the work.  Find someone or somewhere to share the shame without fear of criticism, reprimand or rejection you are so much more than your past!