What If Money Wasn’t A Worry?

Almost everyone, if given the opportunity would love never having to worry about money again! And if this actually is the desire of so many, then why do so few ever realize this dream? How do you go from struggling paycheck to paycheck to living an abundant life of never worrying about money again?

I have asked this question repeatedly for years. Funny enough, I have spent easily over $100,000 in training, coaching, courses and seminars trying to find financial freedom. I figured it shouldn’t be too hard. I mean I wasn’t being greedy, I just wanted to have enough money to pay my bills. Yet I still worried.

It wasn’t until I stopped focusing outwards on money and looking inwards at my thoughts and choices and realized money wasn’t the problem or the goal. It has been my beliefs, my self-talk and my habits. Then I decided to stop “trying to figure it out” and started seeking to learn and understand about wealth.

So, what did I find? Well trying to make or get more money is never the answer. People often tell themselves the lie, “WHEN I get more money…. THEN I will…” When never comes and later is a lie. The point of wanting more is meant to ignite you to become more not to only have more. And the journey to become more begins when you believe that all things are possible.

You see when you believe you can do something, you will? It’s that simple. Belief is the beginning, middle and end of all amazing achievements. Without belief you can do nothing, and you continue to do nothing… except maybe talk about what you should be doing, need to be doing ought to be doing or are trying to do. Without belief you cannot develop the consistent momentum necessary create the belief in yourself and that you are capable of creating your amazing life.

Of the countless autobiographies, podcast, and interviews of incredibly successful people I’ve heard throughout the years, almost every one of them has stated, “I was never the most talented person in my field, but I chose to believe anything was possible. And it was!”

Only when you believe with an unwavering faith. When you speak what you want as truth, with the same unshakeable beliefs as you do about the daily rising of the sun, your life will never be the same! If you are ready to fuel, feed and fire up your faith (belief).

I know change and faith in yourself can feel impossible. So, I’m offering some tools that have strengthened my belief! Check out the daily conditioning programs below. Each one listed I have personally taken and highly recommend.  In as little as 15-20 minutes a day, you can ignite amazing beliefs, empower your self-talk, establish incredible habits and develop laser focus. 50% OFF FOR 2-DAYS ONLY!!


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Transform-U: 45 Days to Successful Habits 50% OFF
Formerly known as “45 Day Challenge® Life Balance” This program is built around the importance of quality versus quantity. You may not have an equal balance of time to spend in every area of life, however, you are focused on being fully present, maximizing your time, energy and effort no matter what you are doing.

The program is designed to help you achieve desired results around your health, relationships, career, and mindset. If you are struggling or not growing in these categories, you will feel the impact in all areas of your life. This challenge will support you with the tools, leverage, and accountability necessary to make lasting changes.
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45 Days to Being a Transformational Growth 50% OFF
This program is built around understanding the importance and responsibility of leadership. We’ll explore what it means to be internally motivated and lead yourself before effectively leading and influencing those around you in your career or everyday life.

Helping you see yourself as a leader personally and professionally you will learn how to be more influential and powerful in your communication, performance, team building and IE leadership (being internally motivated, externally focused). This challenge will support you in utilizing opportunities to develop your leadership in these key areas throughout your day.
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The Big Picture – Creating Visions That Work 50% OFF
The vast majority of people end up with a life they don’t want, because they haven’t been taught that they are creating it. Most people end up with things they don’t want in their life because they allow negative circumstance to be their focus and drive their emotions. Most people are reluctant about creating new visions because they haven’t realized that they already have a vision that’s running their lives. You already have a clear vision that exists in your mind. That vision is responsible for creating exactly what you have in your life. You may never create the life you truly want if you do not start to create visions that work. Stop holding your breath and hoping your life will change and start now!
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The Four Colors of Influence 50% OFF
How To Align With Anyone
Do you find that some conversations feel easy and enjoyable while others feel like a boxing match? Do you notice you connect instantly with some people yet others you want to throw your hands up and wish the conversation would simply end? The 4 Colors of Influence will accelerate your success, highlight your abilities and help you align with and influence anyone!

In this six-week program, you will utilize the award-winning influence tool developed from 30 years of real-world experience, research and development, validated by the University of Michigan and the University of Arizona.
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Global Wealth Mindset 50% OFF
45 Days to a New Way of Creating a Compelling Financial Future
This program is designed to unlock your full financial potential! It shows you how to achieve and live an abundant, wealthy life and feel supported and inspired every day!
What You Will Learn:
• New ways to increase your wealth through creative outcome-focused techniques that drive results.
• Work and behavior patterns to inspire new thinking and new ways of working.
• Powerful beliefs and behaviors to expand your financial identity to align with your goals and eliminate financial self-sabotage.
• Techniques to build investor habits that multiply your successes and bring insights from your setbacks.
• Increase your financial confidence and unlock the full potential of abundance for yourself and those around you.
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VISION Mastery Strategist & Sales Succes Advision – Meshell Baker, is a captivating and highly engaging International Speaker and Purpose Coach. She is often referred to as being “an amazing gift of clarity.” In addition to her vision mastery work, she is currently the spokesperson for the National Association of Sales Professionals. Baker leads the platform, Women of Sales & Influence, spotlighting top female sales influencers recognizing their outstanding strategies and successes. After 18 years of sales experience spanning from yellow pages advertising, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotech, Baker now lives, works and traveling from city to city onboard her RV (recreational vehicle). She utilizes her unique VISION Mastery & Sales processes that guide her clients to sustain success by becoming valuable in their marketplace while achieving their biggest dreams and greatest desires. Baker is a keynote speaker who is renowned for her no-nonsense approach that inspires creating your delightful life from difficult circumstances.