Why Are You Waiting?

“Imagination is a place where all the important answers live.”
~ Joe Meno ~

I’ve waited far too long to activate my dreams.  And like many others, I really didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I found myself thinking thoughts based on what I had been taught, what I had been told, what had been passed down to me or what I did not want. Unfortunately, most of my thoughts were guiding me to more pain, disappointment, and feelings of failure.

So here I was constantly frozen in the fear of what could go wrong.  My most commonly used responses to people and my circumstances were; “I’m trying to…” and “I’ll do ____ it later.”  Guess what try is a lie and later never came. And if not now… WHEN!  My when came when I was strong enough to dream so big I needed God (Creator/Universe) in my life, all the times.  What I stopped to discover my individual, unique and beautiful vision.  A purpose so powerful it has pushed, pulled, prodded and propelled me to face my fears and to do what I would do if I knew I would not fail!

You see absolutely everything you need to succeed begins with you and in you. Your mind has the capacity to produce your life changing ideas and solutions.  And it all begins with imagination.  Your daydreaming employed with confidence and clarity will guide you to an amazing life.  Have you ever watched children play, they and use their imaginations to bend reality? With no one to tell them they cannot or that things must be done a specific way, their beautiful brains will be uninhibited to create.

If you are truly ready to experience more amazing in your life, it’s time to become curious and interested and knowledgeable.  YEP, it takes work to have anything worthwhile.  But it also takes work to have a lackluster life.  You see you are working every day, have you decided what you are going to create?

Still not sure?  Here are a few hang-ups, hurts and hurdles that may be hindering your success.

W – Windbag, know-it-all or blowhard. This is an all too common cause of delayed dreams.  No one knows everything, and everyone needs assistance to achieve BIG DREAMS. Armed with the realization that no one knows everything, you can now relax and embrace that not knowing is a part of life.  Grasp this new awareness and joyfully set out on your journey to locating the answers that create a purposeful and powerful life!

A – Afraid, anxious and apprehensive.  Timid and shy staying in the background or not even showing up. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.  It’s not the absence of fear, it is the willingness to step forward despite fear that makes us courageous.  Here’s a little truth about fear that few people realize…there is no such thing as living without fear. Your logical mind avoids the unknown future since the future has not happened fear is not real. You are making it up!  And if you are going to make it up…make it awesome!

I – Imperfection, inadequacy, and insecurity.  Choosing to focus on a non-existent place called perfect.  Being rooted in an unrealistic standard of perfection.   An unreal concept of who you should be could be or would be… IF ONLY!  Guess what?  All you got is You!  Right now, right here today you are fully equipped and able to succeed at anything you desire.  Take time to decide who you want to be and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.  Begin today speaking to yourself as if you had already achieved and acquired what you wanted, and as if you have become someone so amazing you could not and would not take your eyes off You!

T – Tolerance, timidity on and acceptance of the comfort zone although it may be causing you grief.  Nothing great ever happens inside the comfort zone.  You have exceeded your capacity and mental conditioning to endure pain and emotional distress for far too long.  Time to shake things up and rediscover your vitality and value.  Seek to learn something you’ve always wanted to know.  Start slow and build.  What I mean is, take a beginner’s class in pottery, cooking, yoga or dance for example.  Make time to reignite those hundred million brain cells to spark your energy and enthusiasm for life!

I – Indecision and inaction never inspired incredible.  Asking a lot of others for their advice and opinions and staying frozen in the overwhelm of too many choices.  It is all imagination and hypothesis until executed.  Most indecision and inaction are rooted in fear of failure or looking bad/stupid.  The truth is that until you’ve done any activity once, you are just guessing what it will be like.  The quickest route to success is to fail and fail again until you have validated the process or product is effectively delivering your desired results.  As you read this, you are probably not on model #1 of your laptop, tablet or smartphone Remember Amazing takes time!

N – Negative, naysayer or cynic.  Habitually pessimistic view of life.  Living a life complaining, denying, refusing and opposing the possibility of a favorable outcome. Focusing on what could possibly go wrong.  For many who have experienced far too much pain and disappointment, negativity this is how they insulate against further pain.  But in truth is also shields you from experiencing life’s wonder, awe, and surprise.  And positive thinking helps us to be healthier, more productive and ultimately happier.  Don’t believe me?  Begin to visualize only optimistic results and experiences and see what happens!

G – Giving up and giving in to the alibis and excuses. Success demands relentless, persistent pursuit of your dreams.  Have you ever heard it said, that which does not kill you, makes you stronger?  Well, it’s quite true.  I know it may feel like you’ve tried everything but trust me you have not.  Life’s challenges are meant to reinforce your resilience, strength, and belief in yourself. You cannot create a positive and powerful life with a negative mindset.  Begin today making a list each morning of 10 things you are grateful for and you cannot repeat from yesterday’s list.  Positive is a habit that catches on quick!

Your imagination is one of the keys to living an amazing and incredible life.  You will never go to anywhere unless you first see it in your mind.  First, imagine yourself living life by your design where you currently reside, this will motivate your actions to move in the direction of your dreams. Learn to use your imagination to focus on best case scenarios.  Ask yourself, how would this situation look if everyone involved experiences a win.  This raises the bar of your thinking to a higher level.  Let WAITING be a thing of the past and begin living the life that you have imagined!