Learning to forgive myself has been the most challenging but most fruitful of all God’s gifts.  It began with deliverance from the bondage of Secret Shame.  I had been frozen in the fear of being found out.  Living in a state of “If they only knew…” or “If they really knew me…”  This was by no means an easy journey but has been my most worthwhile.  By first forgiving myself and seeking to heal my wounds of yester years, I found love and grace for myself…then for others.

Forgiveness is for YOU!  Please understand that anytime you don’t forgive, you are choosing to live in the past and allowing another’s behavior to dictate your future.  EVERYTHING that happens is not TO you, but instead FOR you and is part of a greater plan that is your PURPOSE.  Forgiveness allows you to walk in Peace receiving your blessings, gifts and answers that are most often delivered via people.  The greatest gift you can extend yourself is everyday grace to be an imperfect being living in an imperfect world!