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Meshell's most popular presentations...


Unleashing Your Sales SuperPowers

This session will empower you to stop secretly wishing you could deliver top-performing sales results. Clearly understand what it means to be consistently confident and have an increasing prospect pipeline. Learn how to unleash your Inner Sales SuperPowers and create epic sustainable sales success.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Replace your inner critic!
  • Repurpose your mistakes!
  • Reignite your sales results!

Ditching The Imposter & Debut Your Champion

This session will confront the feelings of being found out and not belonging. Stop secretly wishing you could be someone else or have a different life. Clearly understand what it means to be internally motivated and externally focused. Learn how to develop your Inner Champion and create the epic success you've been dreaming of.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Embracing uncertainty!
  • Energy refocused and reclaimed!
  • Expand your influence & income!

Empowering Excellence: Workplace Confidence

This session is suited for organizations and teams wanting to develop a culture of radical responsibility and creativity that delivers results. Learn how to encourage and engage people, develop problem-solving skills, handle conflict, and strengthen relationships with employees, team members, and key players.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Engage in empathic dialogue!
  • Empower influence & advocacy!
  • Resign as Chief Problem Solver.

Some of Meshell's Clients Include...

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Why People are booking Meshell...

SCORE Keynote

"Meshell wants you to have congruency and live into who you are! Her life experiences, storytelling, and presentation gets audiences motivated and focused on a path that brings life change. She has conviction in her tonality and listeners can sense her care and mission. It’s a fuzzy life and Meshell brings a lens to an area many are seeking to improve upon."

Don Dalrymple
CEO of Dalrymple Group | Strategy Consultant | Business Coach

"Meshell Baker is not only an incredible human being, but also an engaging speaker with a powerful message that inspires people to find their passion, purpose and mission in life! She has created a simple process that is empowering and doable! I highly recommend her VISION talks, workshop and/or mini–presentation."

Janifer Wheeler
President, Texas Business Women Austin | Soul Whisperer | Inner IntuitiveJournaling Coach

"Her presence as a speaker is resounding and she has a laser focus of energy, be it in her speaking or in her listening. Meshell builds confidence and so artfully breaks down that which we feel is insurmountable. Her words of wisdom and ethos have stuck with me, and the values and goals set in my course with her have been the foundation of my (now successful!) small business. Thank you, Meshell!"

Celina Zisman
Small Business Strategist

Meshell is what i have coined a "motivational enabler" who helps employees and teams to have a positive frame of mind to produce successful outcomes for their work teams, customers, and themselves. Her presentation "Championing Confidence in the Workplace" was particularly beneficial for our team as we prepare for another school year in the midst of the pandemic to help us go into the school year with a win-win mindset that will no doubt produce positive results for the children, mentors, and schools we serve.

Dan Leal
Executive Director at Seedling

¨I have seen Meshell inspire, excite and inform audiences with her natural talent for connecting through her passion for excavating the dreams we all have. She challenges you to not only dare to dream but to also take actions that make those dreams a reality. You cannot go wrong by hiring her for your event.¨

Sherry Ransom
Author | Gratitude Marketing Specialist | Professional Speaker & Trainer

Because we focus so heavily on providing outstanding service and support, we’ve found that our existing clients are often our greatest salespeople. Here are just a few of the glowing recommendations from client experiences.

Lori Richardson
Salesforce Top Sales Influencer to Follow | President of Women SalesPros | #WomenInSales Champion

Meshell spoke at our Women in Tech group about strategies for working through the imposter syndrome. Her message was (and is) energetic, informative, participatory, and amazing! I can't wait to attend her vision board workshop, which I hear, is transformative! I highly recommend Meshell to inspire you and/or your organization to the next level.

Roz Roberts
Director, Database Services at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs