Are You Growing Your Faith?

Do you know how to listen and hear your inner voice? The promptings of God’s guidance? I call my sovereign deity God.  You may call Him the Divine, the Universe, Spirit, Goddess, or Buddha.  Simply use your term of endearment to access this message.  Now, where were we?  Awww yes, sometimes the inner voice will prompt you through a directive, sometimes it’s an innovative idea, sometimes it’s a clarifying awareness, and sometimes it’s the simple peace and knowing that God is moving mightily on your behalf.

So how does one go about acquiring these promptings more often with a more abundant blessing?  Doing the littlest of things God request of you and He will trust you with more in time.  You see faith is a muscle and like all muscles not used they disintegrate and atrophy over time.  It’s necessary to take action on the inner promptings on a regular basis because they are how you exercise and grow your faith.  When your faith is not strong, you may find yourself asking people questions like:

  1. What you do think about ________?  (Fill in the blanks with whatever)
  2. What do you think I should do?
  3. What would you do in my situation?
  4. Do you think this is a good idea?
  5. Do you like this ________?

These are the questions of someone absolutely unclear and uncertain of their purpose or power.  Sound familiar?  If so no worries, I was this person and at times when things get hectic, I can feel like this person again.  And because I have a clearly defined purpose, I know that my feelings are fickle and temporary so I press pause to revisit, reflect and reignite my purpose.  If I haven’t mentioned it, following through on the inner voice promptings will be quite difficult at first.   And like all muscles that are trained, conditioned and strengthened over time, it does get easier.

Recently someone spoke a blessing over me, that I would meet my love, my mate on my upcoming #DreamBigBus tour. They gave guidance that I was to write down his characteristics and seal them in a gold envelope and place the envelope in my glovebox.  At first, I was hesitant, but since it wasn’t the first time this blessing had been spoken over me, I decided to follow through.  I checked a few craft and stationery stores for a singular gold envelope with no success.  What was available for purchase were packs of (20+) of gold envelopes, but no single gold envelopes.  Mending my spending ways (inner promptings), I decided not to buy a pack and instead I prayed and asked, “God, if this is truly what you would have for me if this is how you will bless me, show me how to find a single gold envelope.” That was all I asked, and I left it.  And I was at peace to let go and let God.

Within a few weeks, I followed through on connection meeting, that I wanted to reschedule but was prompted to keep.  A wonderful woman of faith arrived and asked me to help her stuff some envelopes with flyers.  And wouldn’t you know it.. she had 50 gold envelopes!  I shared with her the story, and she happily gave me a single gold envelope.  And she was greatly encouraged in her faith of how God uses the simplest of things to inspire and ignite our beliefs.

Your faith is a muscle.  I did not get here overnight.  It has been years of following through on calling someone, sending a text or email.  Buying a small trinket, sending a card.  My faith muscle has been built through the daily response to my inner voice promptings.  You get to choose.  But understand this, there’s no in-between. Listen, and your faith grows or ignore and your faith withers.

If you’ve been ignoring your inner voice promptings, it will be difficult but not impossible to get started. Let’s see how you respond to the following:

  1. Are you actively responding to your inner voice promptings?
  2. Do want to make decisions without needing the input, feedback, and suggestions of others?
  3. Do you want to have a clearly defined purpose?

If you answer yes to all the above, here’s how you get started on creating bone crushing faith muscles start here: How to Make Your VISION Billboard™.

My hope for you is that you choose to grow your faith!