You don’t have to see to believe!

A few years ago while living in Long Island, NY, I decided to relocate to Texas.  With no clue of where in Texas I wanted to relocate, simply that most my family resided in Texas.  And while I was wanting, dreaming and desiring Texas, my sister, Daphne suffered a life-threatening illness and almost died in August 2009.  It became my mission, vision, and purpose to relocate to Texas.  I was single, no kids and at the time a successful Biotech Sales Rep.  I thought to myself, how hard could it be.  Sales jobs are everywhere.

And as fate would have it, I’d already set my sights on a Texas prior to my sister’s illness. I’d been working as a Biotech Sales rep since February 2008. While participating in their initial training, I became hopeful that a relocation could be acquired. It was during the second week of training, as I listened to the comp plan and sales awards overview, they described a Sales Masters Trophy.  It was their equivalent of the great white buffalo.  My dream turned to BELIEF.

The Sales Masters Trophy required 3 consecutive years of sales performance at 100% or above.  Which meant less than 3% of the sales force ever achieved this and it was virtually unheard of to do it in your first 3 consecutive years.  Guess what I decided and achieved.  You got it!  I knew acquisition of that trophy would assure a Texas relocation.  On May 15, 2011, I was promoted and relocated to Austin, TX.   That was 5 months after receiving the Sales Master Trophy on January 21, 2011.

Until the evening I received the award, I did not know our company was in Austin, TX.  Which happened when someone congratulated me and asked, “What do you want to do now that you have a Sales Masters Trophy?”  I shared my desire to relocate to Texas and help out with my sister, and they educated me on our US manufacturing site located in Austin, TX.  And this all began with a BELIEF.  I can still visualize and feel the intensity of my faith, purpose, and desire colliding, as I sat in training and they described the Sales Master Trophy.

I’ve subsequently left corporate, became my sister Daphne’s caregiver and live-in aide.  And currently have a Speaking, Training Coaching Business.  What you must know is that BELIEF exists in everyone.  We all have Big Dreams for better and more.  A better job, a better car, a bigger house, more education, more stuff, more status…SOMETHING.  And what blocks and stops these dreams from becoming our reality is allowing what we see with our physical eyes to dictate our choices.

BELIEF is what you see with your minds’ eye (vision).  It’s that idea for greatness that resides in everyone; then life throws left curves at you.  It throws obstacles, roadblocks, and barriers. All these things that remind you of your frailty and fears.  Yet BELIEF is more powerful than anything else in this life.  It will propel you past all the hindrances, hiccups, hurts and hang-ups that have denied you, delayed you, distracted you, deterred you and dissuaded you from your incredible and amazing dreams, desires and destiny.

I am currently BELIEVING for an RV Adventure; I will be purchasing my RV before months end to live a mobile life and travel our great country getting the honor of meeting, speaking and working with people to help them make their VISION reality.  And my sister is currently in need of a live-in aide.  So my current commitment is to finish what I started with Daphne, helping her secure a wonderful live-in aide and caregivers prior to me beginning my RV adventure.  A dream that was given to me by Daphne who is Visually Impaired and Legally Blind.  You don’t have to see to believe… But you do need to act!

What are you believing for today?  How are you believing?  What do you do when things get hard and difficult?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you hit a wall and are struggling:

  1. What would I do if I didn’t care what others thought of me? (Giving veto power for your life to others)
  2. How willing am I to look silly or stupid to achieve my vision? (Mistakes are a reality of success)
  3. What would I do if I was not afraid/nervous/anxious? (Visualize yourself as strong & courageous)
  4. How will my life improve when I face this fear? (Lets you know if this is truly important)
  5. If they say NO, what next?  You’re not going to let “NO” stop your dreams!!!


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
~Napoleon Hill~