What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

This is my question to you for 2017.  You see, I have found that my life’s greatest moments and memories were always preceded by facing my biggest fears.  There’s a saying that goes… Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.   And fear is not real.   Fear is your gift.  You would not need courage or confidence if you didn’t experience fear and uncertainty.  So it’s Fear or Faith the choice is yours.

For over 2 decades of my life I choose fear.  Caring so deeply about what others thought about me or would say about me, caused me to became frozen in fear.  Basically it was people who I perceived to know more than me.  Who I thought were better than me, became the measure of my reality.  If you had more stuff, if you had more status, basically if you had achieved any of my life’s greatest desires and dreams, I gave you veto power in my life.  This imaginary power resided in my head, and was rooted in my beliefs that I was not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough.

So how have I turned things around in favor of my future?  How am I able to stand confident, courageous and uncompromising in my beliefs?  I found my purpose.  A clearly defined purpose for something greater than me.  When you answer the question, “What you you do if you knew you would not fail?'” you place yourself directly on a path to intersect with your purpose… your why… the thing that will make your soul sing!  You are good enough, smart enough and pretty/handsome enough… You are an Amazing and unique gift to the world!  Your time is Now!!

Are you tired, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and ready for life a life of joy regardless of your circumstances?  Would you like to stand uncompromising in your beliefs regardless of the people around you?  If so, I’d love to meet you at an upcoming event, have a chat and introduce to some awesome BIG Dreamers!

~ We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. ~ Jim Rohn

Stay tuned to hear about my BIG Dream… and save the date – January 28, 2017!!

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