Can Silence be a Superpower?

“In silence, you find the answers. 

In silence, you find your true self.”



November 8th marked a pivotal point in my life. A moment in time when questions I’d asked myself were answered.

As I stood in the ballroom of the Anatole Hilton listening to the closing keynote at the Women In Trucking conference. An event where I delivered 2 incredible sessions Igniting Confidence, my soul was… is whole and at peace. 

My euphoric moment of glee was the result of years of immersing myself in silence every morning. I’ve learned to be prepared to adapt to the unexpected and the unplanned. And to adjust my feelings of discomfort and uncertainty allowing me to embrace life as it is releasing any need to control outcomes. I was aware and enveloped s me to tap into an infinite source of knowledge and wisdom.

Within you and every person lies an untapped and unlimited well of creative genius equipping you to confidently meet anything that life throws at you. And like all great treasures the maps are often outdated, the roads are in ill repair and most guides’ memories are fogeyish at best. That means you and you alone are required to traverse unknown territories to locate riches and fortune. Which can only be found far outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. It is your commitment to silence that connects you to your creative source.

During these consistent submersions into silence, what myself and my clients have experienced are a multitude of inspiring insights and revelations. Their prevailing theme; facing your fears, doubts, and regrets with confidence and courage.  The further you venture into this uncharted territory of silence the familiar feelings of indecision give way to a compelling clarity that fortifies determination and decisiveness.

Silence is an experience embodied by my client, Tanya. As she discovered with her regular practice of silence, her feelings of regret and shame began shedding like old skin. Tanya no longer felt comfortable feeling bad about things she could not change or control. And as her practice progressed, the oh-so-cozy comfort zone that once was home became distant and unfamiliar. Tanya began and continues embracing that joy of being comfortable with uncertainty and inconvenience. She is mastering the practice of adapting circumstances to flow favorably with her vision and goals. 

And I know Tanya’s not alone.  

Why? Because we’ve all been created on purpose with a purpose. This individual, unique, and beautiful purpose begins when you want more, better, or different. You see it is that deep wanting that sparks invention, creation, and innovation.  Think about it like this; you want more and more doesn’t exist.  So what do you do?  Well, you can complain and remain complacent, like most.  Or you can create, innovate, and invent; separating yourself from the regular and ordinary.  Which dare I say requires you to venture outside of your comfort zone.  Yes, my friend, you have been gifted to be a solution! 

So how does one go about uncovering their gift and finding their answers?  

Well, I’m glad you asked…😊 I highly recommend beginning with a morning routine that incorporates your consistent commitment to be still and silent. If you’ve heard me speak, you know I encourage beginning with 15 minutes in the morning. Why? Because when you MASTER Your Mornings you will Slay your Day!

Stop, be still, and sit!  Silence beckons you to submerge into its safety.  Maybe you’re a little hesitant, scared of what you’ll hear or remember.  I too was once terrified that silence would bring with it painful memories and regrets.  But my fears have been overshadowed by my desire to live purposefully.  I’ve found a blessing in everything I’ve experienced.  The silence has delivered and continues to deliver a gift of understanding that life is happening for me, NOT to me. 

So here is some of what you can expect when you submit to the sanctuary of being SILENT: 

S – Sitting with Yourself 

Sitting quietly still with yourself is one of life’s most difficult and yet advantageous tools. Far too few of us are willing to stop and reflect. It is only in ceasing that you can assess what you have learned, already know, and how to move forward.  This is why so many get stuck on an infinite loop of redundant mistakes, excuses, and denial.  Declare yourself a priority. And you will garner great success. 

I – Invitation for Wisdom

Our Creator/Divinity is omnipotent.  There is no problem that cannot be solved or question to which He/She does not have an answer.  As you submerge into silence you will find yourself cloaked in clarity. Your heightened sensitivity exposes clear paths uncovering difficult obstructions. Questions and ambiguities are replaced with your confident belief. You become your greatest ally.

L – Letting Go of Your Past

The beauty of accepting your inner voice wisdom is the excavation of doubtful directives.  As you sit in the solitude of silence, your white-knuckled grip on reality begins to loosen.  And that which you once believed oh so important, will lose its relevance.  The majesty of your possibilities replaces the angst of your problems.  Silence is a powerful gateway to alternate and obvious paths to prosperity.

E – Embrace Life’s Goodness

Silence guides you to slow down and absorb the grandeur that surrounds you. And it is in the slowing that you find our kindhearted humanity.  You begin to again see and hear those in greater need than your own.  Some of which have been standing right next to you all along. You become more willing to extend compassion, generosity, and grace towards others. Which makes you a recipient of all that you give. 

N – Nurture an Attitude of Gratitude 

In the normal world of folks clamoring for what’s theirs, you will discover there is something more. No longer shackled to the scarcity of wanting and needing, yours will be the way of offering yourself as a blessing.  The fruits of this freedom are wonderfully fortuitous and favorable.  Those who follow this path find a lifetime of win-win-win scenarios and endless opportunities. You will magnetically attract the desires of your heart.

T – Treasure a Patient Path

Patience is usually thought of as a good quality for others to embody. Entering silence and practicing patience are closely related. As silence works through the muscles and bones of our personality, patience grows. You discover an inner joy that smiles no matter what life presents you. You will become someone who masterfully adapts amidst any unforeseen challenges and difficulties. Your inner voice brilliance becomes your superpower.

It’s time to unearth and uncover your why. Settling into silence will connect you with the Creators’ unlimited and infinite resources.  The quiet stillness is incredibly restorative. Yes in the beginning it is incredibly uncomfortable. However, with consistent practice, it begins to replace your regrets and disappointments with hope and the anticipation of new possibilities.  

You will discover that your life experiences and acquired knowledge can be repurposed as gifts and tools. The collaborative time spent with the Creator delivers a unique understanding of why you have been through all you went through. And how to use these life experiences in your favor! You become a gift and a blessing like no other! 

There is no one like you and in the history of mankind, there will never be another you!  

Ready to activate your silent superpower?

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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