LOVE – The Foundation of a Great Leadership


“Love is where leadership begins”
~ Glenn C. Stewart ~


It sounds odd, doesn’t it, to associate ‘LOVE’ with leadership, but the most highly regarded leaders are those individuals whose passion for what they do is just as great, if not greater, than their competence in getting it done.

You see, the foundation for passion is love and love equates to belief. When you believe in yourself, in your value, and in your vision, love propels you into the possible. You will trust in the abundance that things will work out in your favor and for those that you have been purposed to help, whether that is a client, a team, or an organization.

I know this to be true because love is at the center of all that I do and is the core of what I share with leaders across the world.

So, let’s break down LOVE as the foundation of a great leader.

L is for Leader

Think about this for a second. Would you ever follow someone who has no idea of where they’re going – someone with no map or GPS – someone who just isn’t prepared for the journey? Of course not, but many of us move through our life willy-nilly with no clear destination and expect others to follow.

Have you mastered being a leader of self?
You’re a leader of self because you’ve sat with yourself, took the time to determine what it is that you want more than anything – that thing that you are most passionate about – and are boldly going after your BIG Dream. This requires that you tap into your inner strength, and by being brave and courageous you purposely move outside of your comfort zone to face your fears head-on. You have developed insight and are attuned to the inner voice that guides you to do what you know is right and true versus what you think or what others say that you should do.

Being a leader, you are also able to see the awesomeness in others because you recognize it first in yourself. Furthermore, you practice self-discipline, keeping your word to yourself, thus you will keep your word to others and this allows you to trust that others will keep their words to you. And finally, as a leader, you are confident that everything you need to get to where you want to be is already inside of you.

O is for Optimizing Obstacles


Are you optimizing your obstacles?

As a leader, you will be faced with challenges and difficulties. It’s life; things don’t always go as planned and opportunities don’t always come in the form you think they will. They often feel like a setback or failure. Accepting mistakes and failures as a mandatory part of the journey, empowers your growth. Learn to adopt new strategies as needed and know that being resilient, flexible, and adaptable will be the key to your success.

Don’t be afraid to seek guidance. Trust me, it’s a strength, not a weakness to ask for help; you don’t know what you don’t know. And most importantly, no matter what the obstacle is, remember that it is your response to the challenge that will define the type of leader you are.

V is for Vivid Vision of Success


Vivid Vision – What is that?

A vivid vision is a clearly defined aspiration that you cannot see with your eyes but you can see it with your mind and speak clearly about it from your heart. To have a vivid vision of success you must first clarify what success is to you and what it takes to acquire it. That’s why I recommend that you create a visual of your vision; something that can you see that reminds you every day when you open your eyes and every night before you close them of where you’re going and what you’ll accomplish.

You want to be a leader. What does that look like to you? You have a Big Dream. Remember, that thing that is bigger than you and is so out of your comfort zone? The vision must be so vivid and clear to you that it inspires and motivates you to move past the obstacles and stay the course. It must come to the place where you are no longer holding the vision, the vision is holding you. It’s that real. I remind people to “Speak what you seek until you receive what you believe.”

E is for Enthusiastic Emotions


What are enthusiastic emotions?

This is where you hold the energy along with your enthusiasm, to propel you towards that vision that you see before you. Your joy and glee are working in your favor. Your decision to believe makes you the leading actor in the movie that is your life. You are the star and a shining star. Your vision is your request for more. Your excited enthusiasm is your belief that everything you dream and desire will soon manifest. You are holding your vision, honoring it, and energetically believing that this is working in your favor, regardless of what you know, see, hear and feel. In this race towards your vision, LOVE carries you across that finish line with arms held high and joy on your face because you know who you are, and becoming a leader of self got you here.
So, as a Leader, remember to let LOVE be your foundation. Let it fuel your passion for that which is greater than yourself. Let it remind you that you have everything that you need to do what needs to be done and that everything is working for your good. And never stop being a leader of self, for this is the secret sauce of being a great leader of others.

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