A Second Sunday of Silence Speaks Volumes

After such an amazing first Sunday of Silence, I eagerly dove into week 2.  And I enthusiastically drove to Kalamazoo, MI to participate in a facilitated Day of Sanctuary (1-day Silent Retreat).  Yes, I thought to myself, another day of tuning out unnecessary voices and turning up the volume of my Creator.  I was earnestly expectant for a revelation of purposeful direction.  So, I sat with baited breath, pen and journal in hand awaiting the cleansing clarity of my Creator’s communication.

Was I ever surprised to hear, Be Still.  My immediate response was, “I can’t stay in Michigan, I’m supposed to be….!”  And actually, I didn’t know where I was supposed to be.  This journey of the DreamBigBus is about forging and fortifying my faith to create the impossible.  So, my second thought was, there is no “supposed to be” when you are obedient to your purposeful path.  There is only YES.  I paused, took a deep breath, slipped in the confidence of being uncomfortable and recognized there is no CAN’T.

For many people, myself included, can’t is a difficult word to eliminate from our conversations and lives.  It is deeply rooted and embedded in tradition, culture and our psyches.  It is a word that is so readily used in everyday conversation that most people believe it’s a real word.  I know I did, so much so I engage in uncountable death match level conversations arguing and validating my can’ts.  Believe me when I tell you… Can’t is not a real word.

Meshell’s Truth No. 2 – There is no can’t.  Quick reminder, these are my truths, yours will most likely be just as different, as you and I…? Can’t is simply the awareness and acceptance of our limited abilities to accomplished the task at hand.  We were not created to know and/or do everything.  This awareness was meant to be a guide to greatness. And because greatness is not achieved alone, the awareness of limitations are our promptings to go find answers and ask for assistance.  So, bravo on that awareness!

Now acceptance of our limitations is an admission of necessary assistance, which requires that we ask for help or seek guidance.  This by some may be misconstrued as a sign of weakness.  Not true, when really, it’s the strong who admit they need help.  Ask yourself this, “Do you know everything?”  or “Do you know anyone who knows everything?”  Most everyone agrees they do not know everything.  There are a few that will argue this point.  And for the rest of us, these questions serve to offer a new perspective.  Since no one knows everything 1) we all have a right not to know and 2) we all have a right to ask a question.  Hence, it’s the recognition of our limited abilities that opens the door to limitless possibilities. CAN’T defined:

C – Conditioned to
AAccept life’s
N – Negativity as
T – True

Remember CAN’T, it is not the awareness, but the acceptance of our limitations that deters us from creating the amazing.  People who do incredible and amazing things, those who defy the odds and achieve greatness do so despite their humble beginnings, upbringings, devastating setbacks and heart stopping losses.  They look past what is visible to their eyes and focus on the unseen and unknown.

I am charting my course for the magical and mystical land of purposeful living.  I am driving the #DreamBigBus into the certainty of the impossible.  I CAN create my vision and so can you!

C – Creativity
– Accessed and
N –

I invite you to join me on this journey.  I look forward to seeing, hearing, reading and watching your responses to, “What you would do if you knew you would not fail?”  When you post your responses with #DreamBigBus, share my post and videos and follow me on social media, you become a blessing to others and you help me get the word out.  THANK YOU!

Interested in speaking with Meshell about your Purpose or Your Unique Calling or the Certainty of the Unknown, she invites you to schedule a Discovery Session.  Meshell values and honors your time and is committed to be a blessing no matter what.  “I don’t have all the answers, but I know a lot of amazing people who may have what you need!”  No one succeeds alone, let’s chat.