Selling is as Simple as ABC’s

In the words of Estee Lauder, “I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it and I sell it hard.”

Great achievement first requires great action. Recognize you can, then be and do everything your heart desires.  But it only happens when you act.  

No one ever discovered their amazing life, created the incredible, or achieved the unbelievable without first facing their fears.  

Do you know what produces the most electromagnetic energy in the human body? 

Most people respond “brain.” 

But it’s not! It’s actually…

your Heart! 

But what does your heart have to do with sales?  Well, everything!

The marketplace is flooded with products and services. There is very little that differentiates one product from the next. And even if you’re favored with fortune and selling an in-demand never before seen innovation. It won’t be long before the competitions the market.

Your desire (heart) to be valuable, to offer excellence to go above and beyond for your buyer, is what ignites people to say yes and stay loyal. It is that belief and passion coming from within you (heart) that inspires an emotional connection. 

It’s what inspires your infinite imagination to deliver creative experiences that rally raving fan clients, repeat business and recommendations. And because there will only ever be one you, no one can mimic your heart.

If you want (desire) more out of your sales, it’s time to give and be more during the sales!

Since fun gets more done, I decided to have FUN with words to inspire your desire and ignite your fire for $ALES!

  1. “Accountability Accelerates Aspired Achievements.” – Accountability
  2. “Bold Beliefs Become Brave Behaviors & Bear Bountiful Blessings!” – Beliefs 
  3. “Confidently Celebrating Creativity Cancels Competitive & Comparative Chatter.” – Creativity
  4. “Determined Decision Defy Disappointing Difficulties.” – Decisions
  5. “Extraordinary Experiences Equal Executed Efforts of Excellence!” – Executed
  6. “Failing Forward Fabulously Finds Favorable Fortune.” – Failing
  7. “Greatness Grown in Grace Gives Generously.” – Gives
  8. “Hurt holds hostages; Hope heaps helping hands.” – Helping
  9. “Intentional Inquiries Invite Inspiring Insights.” -I nvite
  10. “Joy Juxtaposes a Jovial Journey” – Joy
  11. “Keystone Knowledge Keeps Know-How Keen.” – Knowledge 
  12. “Life’s Littlest Lessons Lavish Lucrative Learning.” – Learning
  13. “Meditation Masters Messages Manifesting Miracles.” – Meditation
  14. “Noteworthy Nurtured Nullifies Normal.” – Noteworthy
  15. “Optimism Opens Obstacle’s Opulent Opportunity.” – Optimism
  16. “Perfection Prohibits; Passionate Proliferate Profitable Pursuits.” – Passionate
  17. “Quit Quibbling; Questing Quenched in Quality Quietness.” – Quietness 
  18. “Relentless Research Recognizes Resourcefulness.” – Resourcefulness
  19. “Steadfast Seeking Secures Solutions.” – Seeking
  20. “Telling Tolerates; Teaching Trains.” – Teaching
  21. “Unwavering Uncertainty Uncovers Unbelievable Unafraid.” – Unafraid
  22. “Virtue Voices Valuable Visions.” – Visions
  23. “Worry’s Weight Winces while Wisdom Whispers Wonders.” – Wisdom
  24. “Xcited Xcellence Xpresses the Xtraordinary!” – Xcellence 
  25. “Yield to Your Yearnings; Say YES to You!” – Yes
  26. “Zany Zesty & Zingy Zealots Zoom!” – Zoom