What Compels Your Belief?

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”

~ Erica Jong ~


Before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat — She believed.

Before Amelia Earhart set out to fly the Atlantic — She believed.

Before Oprah Winfrey become a multimedia maven — She believed.

Before Martha Stewart became a fine-living standard — She believed.

The most powerful and common thread of success I have discovered is belief. 


Belief is defined as an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially without proof.


Belief in its simplest form is the confidence or conviction that compels people to move forward despite their circumstances of birth, education, or upbringing.


The women who are leading the charge to disrupt the marketplace are combining their competence with a confident belief.


These women are the new paradigm in business and sales. A paradigm that is demanding an emotional connection to create transactions.


Buyers want to know how much you care before they begin to care how much you know. The days of wooing and dazzling prospects with features and benefits are all but over. 

Women are positioned to lead the charge of this marketplace disruption. And it all begins with a confident BELIEF!


B — Belief is the beginning of all Greatness. You won’t get far on someone else’s belief. You must ignite your own.

E — Embrace yourself first. Self-care is not selfish. Without a regular routine of self-care, all that you love becomes a disappointing obligation.

L — Lead from your passionate interest. Finding what you love keeps you inspired and invested to go the distance.

I — Increase your influence with gratitude. That which is appreciated will always appreciate. Raving fan clients love to be recognized and remembered.

E — Efficient energy diffuses resistance. Simply put, mastery takes time. Learn to be patient and gracious of yourself. The hard gets easier.

F – Fuel your confidence with excellence. Seize every opportunity to step outside your comfort zone to move the world as a force for good. 


Your thoughts and imagination are what fuel your belief. And belief is the essential key to creating an amazing and profitable business or career.

It takes unwavering and unstoppable drive, fortitude and belief to follow your heartfelt dreams and desires.

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Blessings for your Beautiful Journey,