Why Are You Still Cold Calling?

Here are some tips to help STOP Cold Calling

Awwww … what can you say about the dreaded Cold Call? I have not met many who enjoy the task of making eye contact, shaking the sweaty palms, or swapping stories with strangers in the hopes of finding a client. Not an attractive proposition in the least. Here are some tips to help STOP Cold Calling:

S – Stand Like Superman

Research by social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows that body language matters, even if the person on the other line can’t see you. Standing in a power position— feet apart, hands on hips— for two minutes is an effective cold calling strategy that will:

  • Increase testosterone levels (increases confidence)
  • Decrease cortisol levels (decreases stress)

This also holds true when you’re seated at a desk. Sitting up straight rather than slouching can help you feel in control and wipe away feelings of nervousness.

T – Two Sentences at a Time

This cold calling technique is straightforward but often overlooked.  Studies show that the brain can only hang onto 20-30 seconds of information at any given time. By that measure, your prospect will likely only retain 30 seconds of a fifteen-minute conversation.

Keep it short and sweet. Rather than overwhelm a stranger with information or industry-specific terminology, speak clearly and stick to high-level explanations.

If your prospect starts asking for specific information, you’ll know they’re interested in learning more. Take this opportunity to set up a meeting when they can discuss any questions in more depth.

O – Optimism and a Smile

Next time you go to pick up the phone, hold a smile for at least twenty seconds, whether you’re in a call room or at your desk. Smiling affects how we speak.

While it may seem silly at first, recent research suggests that wearing a smile – genuine or not – brings certain benefits that can help reluctant cold callers:

Reduce stress. University of Kansas researchers found that smiling during a stressful situation can lower heart rates and reduce the stress response.

Lowers your heart rate. Even just holding your mouth in a way that resembles a smile (participants in an experiment were asked to hold a chopstick horizontally in their mouth) is effective.

P – Practice to Perform

Not too comfortable with rejection? Well to become a successful cold calling salesperson, the answer must always be “yes.” The key to comfortably and consistently cold call is your ability to take rejection as a form of motivation.

For example, instead of aiming for a set number of “yes’s” per day, Management Consultant Robert D. Smith decided to chase down “no’s.” Most days, Smith said, he wouldn’t be able to meet his desired number of “no’s,” because he kept getting too many “yes’s.”

Focusing on “no” has a doubly positive effect: it allows you to increase your sales pipeline velocity, thereby improving your sales performance.

And finally, for those who truly want to level up and work with their perfect clients. I recommend pressing pause and taking the time to get clear on your Perfect Client.

With a Perfect Client in mind, we become the Concierge at a 5 Star Resort adeptly and enthusiastically prepared to receive and heap excellence on those who truly make your souls sing. Remember, you are your most creative and innovative when you are delivering solutions and results for those you enjoy working with.

SO, why not begin by defining those you would L-O-V-E to have on your roster? Those who are excitedly to meet and find you because YOU are who they have been looking for? 

I don’t promise much… Identifying your Perfect Clients works!!!

I’m attaching a tool I use as a Giveaway for this exact conversation. http://bit.ly/PerfectClientAttraction

Information found in https://www.yesware.com/blog/cold-calling-strategies/