Do You Believe In Magic?

As little kids, we believed in magic and miracles.  We once believed that anything was possible.  Our hopes and dreams imagined a wonderful and phenomenal future.  We donned costumes and exclaimed our forthcoming lives of glitz, glamour and glitter!  We truly thought we could create a better reality if only we believed.  But for many of us time has tapered, torn or in some cases trampled our hearts’ desires.

My dreams became a nightmare leaving a trail of turmoil, tragedy and tough breaks.  So overcome with the desperate desire to receive attention, affection and affirmation, I haphazardly cast my magic wishes to anyone that would listen.  The unfortunate result, my efforts and energy conveyed the desperation of my seeking.  And after years of struggle, I still had not found the beauty and brilliance of my dream life.  But even after the flames died out, the embers of my hope still flickered.

So how did I go about reinvigorating joy and excitement for my life while reestablishing my belief in magic and miracles?  It has been the result of my relentlessly optimistic quest for a purposeful life.  You see, I believe God (Creator) has created you on purpose with a purpose that allows you to see past your current circumstances, situations and people.  And it begins with you envisioning your possibilities of a life lived well while leaving those around you better for having met you.  Now tell me that doesn’t sound like magic! ?

Maybe you feel as though your striving and efforts have delivered lackluster results.  Fret no more, there is hope on the horizon!  Your great news is…IF you once believed, a simple shedding of scarcity mindset and embracing your impossible will revitalize your hopes and dreams.  Yes, right now is the time to reignite your vibrant ideas and imaginative and innovative mindsets.  You have been created by the Creator to create.  And there is no time like the present!

Here are five (5) strategies to implement and ignite your expectation of Magic & Miracles!

M – Manifesting Miracles.  “Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.” Edwin Louis Cole

Manifesting is the practice of tuning your body and mind’s energy to an expectation of miracles.  Think about it like this: your energy (emotion) is a frequency that attracts whatever you put out.  Yeah that might sound woo-woo, and it’s true we attract whatever we focus on.  That is why negative people attract negative outcomes and positive folks attract amazing.  Today begin thinking about your best-case scenarios, best outcomes and win-wins for all involved.  And watch your world begin to change for the better and more positive.

A – Accepting Abundance. “Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance.” Wayne Dyer    

Over the years many have put their dreams on a shelf, in the attic or off in storage where they are gathering dust. Tomorrow’s not promised.  It’s time to have confidence and courage and go all in on you.  A life lived in pursuit of your heartfelt passions will always be more fulfilling than a life lived in “what-ifs.”  There is only one of you and no other like you.  Time to dust off your dreams and let the world experience your unique and beautiful gifts! Today write out in detail your BIGGEST Dream.

G – Gracious Giving. “To move forward, you have to give back.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Being a gracious giver is something that seems to come natural to some people, but chances are, the gracious giver has worked very hard to be who they are.  Our nature is to want acknowledgment for doing a kindness for someone.  We all want to be noticed and affirmed.  However, the kindest way to give is to do so without calling attention to yourself. And to do it anonymously.  Do a random act of kindness to the first person that comes to mind.

I – Implementing Imagination.  “Imagination means nothing without doing.” ~ Charles Chaplin

People who implement are more valuable than those who think and talk about it.  Answer me this. What invention do you know of that was created without making a mistake?  Yep, NONE.  Acting on your imagination and ideas is the only way to create your miracles.  Nothing happens unless we are willing to act.  The world is full of incredible ideas that never go anywhere because great ideas are useless without someone full of passion to implement them.  Set a timer for 10 minutes. Now write out every idea that you can think of to make your life better.  Then pick one that you can act on today.

C – Cultivating Collaboration.   “Alone we can do so little; Together we can so much.” ~ Helen Keller

Collaboration is the practice where individuals gather and work together towards a common purpose to achieve mutual benefit.  Collaboration relies on candor, honesty and knowledgeable sharing.  And includes the focus and accountability of all collaborative participants. To truly benefit from collaboration, establish your guidelines at the onset.  Addressing the scope of creation, parameters of participation and expectation of communication is vital for cultivating the collaborative environment.  And most importantly…HAVE FUN!!  Make a list of people you’d like to collaborate with and call someone today and schedule a coffee chat.  (In-person or virtual)

Your M.A.G.I.C. awaits you!

Interested in speaking with Me about how to find Clarity of Purpose or Confidence in Uncertainty, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Session.   I value and honor your time and am committed to be a blessing to you no matter what.  “I don’t have all the answers, but I know a lot of amazing people who may have what you need!”  No one succeeds alone, let’s chat.