Four Ways To Finish Strong!


As I’m preparing to run the NYC Marathon in 2 weeks, on November 4th, I thought to myself… WOW!! There are only 10 weeks left in this year!

I got to thinking about the journey of creating a life we love. And how there is no perfect plan or path. And the reason I’m doing the marathon is to remind myself that there is nothing that is impossible. The word itself is I’mPossible.

And I believe and love being a blessing to those I’m called to serve! I am grateful to be of service to your dreams and desires! THANK YOU!

Here I am!  ALL IN… 100% for you and your dreams!?

So, what Big and Amazing thing do you desire that you haven’t found the momentum and clarity that you need to keep going? Or get started? Whatever it is, I am here sharing four surefire ways you can jumpstart your momentum to end the year strong.

1_Declare what you want!
Make an appointment with yourself to clarify how you want to finish your 2018. The #1 habit of the most successful and wealthy people is they invest in their mind. Until you are clear on what you want and make that your driving priority, you will continually get distracted. What do you REALLY want to achieve by the end of 2018? And who do you know in your networks who may be interested in working with you or becoming a client or a connection? Ready to clearly declare what you want? Download – Bank Vault VISION Board – Creating a Visionboard

2_Define your value!
The Law of Value states that your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment. When you determine first how you will show up and be blessing and gift to your clients and the people you connect with daily, your life will turn in your favor. Remember like attracts like, so focusing on being valuable attracts value. How can you shift your focus on giving instead of getting that leaves others better off? Ready to carve a path of increased influence and income? Download – VISION to the Bank Vault – Creating a Mission Statement

3_Deepen your knowledge!
One of the top traits of successful and wealthy is their willingness to learn. By eliminating the position of “trying to figure it out,” they are able to quickly and efficiently advance their efforts. Adopt the posture of investing your mindset, habits, and skills. Why waste time, your most precious commodity, when you can accelerate your learning? As a professional and business owner, communicating is fundamental and essential to ongoing success. The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) offers a FREE Membership that empowers your influence, impact and increases your sales. Learning to communicate well will save you time and increase your income. Click Here to Join NASP

4_Delight in your upcoming year!
Not everything you do in the next 10 weeks needs to be related to immediate results. One way to end the year strong is to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work with a heart of gratitude! Being grateful for all that you have learned magnifies more opportunity and motivates you to move forward. From this space of love and value is where you empower creativity to develop a simplified success model for your 2019. Set aside scheduled time on your calendar over the next weeks to focus on your personal and professional development and growth plan for next year!

Want some GREAT NEWS! You don’t have to do any of this alone!

In case you missed my announcement, I am a Spokeswoman for the National Association of Sales Professionals, leading the platform, Women of Sales & Influence where I spotlight top females in sales and business sharing their outstanding strategies for successes. I am using this platform to empower heart-driven women professionals and business owners to embrace the sale to increase their income and influence. NASP Women of Sales & Influence

Another trait of the wealthy and successful, they DO NOT waste time “trying to figure it out!” Time is your greatest commodity. When you invest it properly, you will go further faster. This has been a hard-learned lesson that I love sharing with women!

That’s why I’m offering the “Clarity Call Session”. This a complimentary opportunity is for you if things haven’t gone as expected this year, or if you are experiencing overwhelm trying to do

Let’s get on the phone and I’ll help you create a CLEAR STRATEGY for what you really want to feel great about achieving this year. Let’s talk about a big dream vision and action plan to finish 2018 that sets you up to begin next year with a BANG!?

CLICK HERE to Schedule Your Clarity Call

Whether you schedule this call with me or not, pick one of the four from above and move into inspired action TODAY! You’ve got this. 🙂

Blessings to Your BigDREAMS in 2018 and Beyond!




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