Are You Going to Enlist Silence?

Today is my 27th consecutive Sunday of practicing a vow of silence. And of all lessons learned in 2017, my most inspired clarity have been experienced during moments of silence. I’m clear that for most of us, it takes a long time to learn how to NOT judge ourselves through another person’s eyes. But once you do the world is yours for the taking. We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own life, and we will never be happy or successful living someone else’s ideals. It’s time to give up thinking about, worrying about or caring about what others think of you!

Now don’t get me wrong, this is probably one of the most difficult beliefs to release. And at the same time, it is the most liberating and empowering attitudes anyone can embody. Far too much energy is expended trying to convince others of your dreams, aspirations, value and worth. Recognize that nothing great can ever be achieved by anyone who cared what other people thought about them or would say about them. So how does one disregard what has been so important? For me it was the sanctuary of silence where my faith has been encouraged and strengthened.

While in the quiet stillness, I noticed the letters of SILENT spell not only LISTEN but also ENLIST. Silence allows you to hear like never before. Initially it does feel weird and the mind wanders. But like anything, as you discipline yourself, you will hear your who, why and what. You have a specific, unique and beautiful purpose that is a gift for our world. Listening in silence is when you gain clarity and purpose. This is where you get to enlist the infinite, unending and unlimited source of God (Creator/Universe). Time to experience your gift, light and shine for the world!

A new year is upon you and with it will come either more of the same or new amazing growth and opportunity. Maybe you are challenged by what others think or say to you or about you and want more than anything to eliminate the fear, doubt and hesitation that comes with caring. Or maybe you desire to not be so reactive to the negativity that surrounds your life. First, I highly recommend prioritizing silence. Set aside a regular time to sit, hear and capture (journal) your thoughts. Second, spend at least the first 15 minutes of your day in gratitude and meditation. Your mind is your most powerful gift and your guidance mechanism. And third, find a community of positive, forward thinking and accountable people and get connected. So how you start your day is how live your life!