Growing Your Influence From The Heart

Growing Your Influence From The Heart - Meshell Baker

For many people, it can be challenging to navigate through life without direction. Even when we do think we have guidance, checklists, and goals, we can still become easily lost. We live to get by and not get anything more in life.

If this describes you, then I’m happy to introduce Kerri Hummingbird – Soul Guide!

She is the internationally bestselling author of “The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama,” host of Soul Nectar Show and founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement. Kerri helps women reclaim self-esteem from subtle and overt abuse so they can lead confident self-expressed lives.

I had Kerri join me on my Women of Influence Facebook live series last Monday, September 23. We had a discussion on Growing Your Influence From the Heart and how doing so ultimately allows amazing things to happen in and around you. But how do you even begin to grow your influence from the heart?

Throughout life, we navigate through it using our ego and self-consciousness. We focus on ourselves and how we can best survive in a world where there are bills to pay and ends to meet. We write down checklists and steps to follow, or milestones to pass to reach goals that will provide more money and a means to live better. And then, we reach a point when we feel like we are shouldering this challenging burden alone and that nobody else is supporting us in the struggle. This is where we experience an epiphany – a life-changing moment! We realize that we want to do something bigger than ourselves. We want to see that all the pain and difficulty that we experienced was to give us the skills and knowledge in preparation for doing what we were made to do on this earth.

Kerri and I discussed how the challenge after reaching this point is to let go. You have to let go of your ego and doing things for yourself. Amidst the noise you hear around you, you must be still and listen for that guidance. You have to get out of your head, let the bigger influence come in (whatever it may be for you), and surrender to it. Let go of the worry, self-blame, and low self-esteem to let in a newfound love of self, and this will make you realize how you’re a gift to others who need you.

To believe in yourself and the process you’re going through allows you to be grateful for all the goodness you receive. When we are thankful and continue to genuinely connect with others, not just in sales but also in other aspects of life, we see how beautiful things start to unfold. All your worries in the past no longer seem as troublesome as they were.

So take your time and embrace your journey of finding your “why.” Not only will you be able to live freely and in abundance, but you will also leave a beautiful impact on others.


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