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“Don’t listen to people who say ‘Be reasonable. Instead, be unreasonable.
As a result, you’ll allow possibility, creativity, and magic into your life.”
~ Nina Amir ~


With One Word…

A WatchWord…

Yes, it’s that time of year again when I prompt you to think about selecting one word to focus on during 2023.

This is my tenth year to focus on one word — and right up until December 1st, I was thinking, “I’ve got no idea what my word for 2023 is going to be!”

It was actually a podcast interview with Wesleyne for Transformed Sales where she shared her One Word for 2023 that inspired me to reflect on mine.

I was inspired… Yet… Still Not. A. Clue.

And it wasn’t until I opened and began editing the ‘WATCHWORD TOOL’ I’ve created for you that I discovered my One Word for 2023…

Wait…before I share with you my word for 2023, here is a recap of my WatchWords over the years:

2014: Im’Possible – I accepted every challenging, difficult, and scary opportunity. It taught me the skill of observing the opportunity in every obstacle and facing fear head-on.

2015: Unstoppable – I was encouraged to keep moving forward. In moments of overwhelm that were prior barriers, I’d pause and focus on the ONE thing to do next.

2016: Self-Care – The discipline to say YES to Me!  I’ve spent the prior 2 years feverishly planting; time to harvest and prune! I will be learning to strategically prioritize and plan to support fulfilling my purpose.

2017: Processes – I recognized that my inconsistent and inefficient efforts were sabotaging my success.  I was following what I saw others doing, what I’d been coached to do.

2018: Mastery – Takes time, patience, and repetition to discover what I love and focus on. Choose what lights and ignites my soul and become so great at it that I cannot be dismissed.

2019: Play– After a year of stretching and flexing and adapting to hone my craft and become a valuable asset to others, it was a beautiful year of saying yes to joy. I accepted everything that was counter to my hardworking and high drive nature and had so much fun.

2020: Confidence – I learned it’s okay to walk away from anything not aligned with my vision. Just because something or someone is awesome doesn’t mean they are awesome for me and my path.

2021: Surrender – I stopped resisting my nature for being exuberant and bubbly. Joy is the express route to opening a floodgate of abundance. A magnificent year indeed.

2022: Appreciation – I viewed the world, and people around me through the lens of love I embraced the heart of gratefulness and elevated my experiences to reveal the miraculous.

My word…

2023: Unreasonable – To consistently be the cause and catalyst for myself and those I love and serve to embrace living a life that is big and impossible… I’mPossible!

I have had so many amazing experiences and encounters, met countless incredible people and am delighted at the path that is my life.

The upcoming year is going to be interesting as life teaches me to embrace being unreasonable.

If you already have selected an annual word, what is your word for 2023? And how will your word change you? And inspire you to become better, brighter, bolder, braver and so much more.

Maybe you are still thinking about it or you don’t have your one WatchWord and need some assistance?

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Meshell 💜