Live a Life You LOVE

In the words of Lao Tzu, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

And when you think about it. Nothing beats the force of unconditional love. The force of love is infinite. It’s way stronger than any force in the universe. It’s simple, love is stronger than evil. This is why our souls exist.

How much more awesome and amazing would your life be if you could infuse more love. Not just a little, I’m talking a full immersion and drenching in love. What would that be like? And do you even believe it’s possible? Or has life become something you tolerate while bending and flexing to adapt to your surroundings and its occupants?

What would it take for you to say yes to mas amore (more love)? Just sounds better in Spanish…? But seriously, life goes by quick and in the blink of an eye, you could be sitting somewhere wondering, what happened? I lost a decade… okay, two decades trying to be somebody that someone would love. It wasn’t until I began to love myself and love on myself is when l attracted more love in my life. And how did I come to experience this turnabout you ask? Giving with no expectation of return, focusing on giving with a heartfelt intention to others all that I want for myself… living a life of unconditional love.

Here are 26 words that demonstrate love. And 26 ways that will inspire you to lead with love empowering your win-win scenarios:

1. Acceptance
Deciding in thoughts, words, and actions to receive someone favorably with a warm welcome.

2. Belief
Your trust, faith, and confidence in the positive possibility of relations with someone.

3. Champion
Support and/or defend someone unwavering in your belief in them and their cause/project.

4. Dream
Imagine the impossible as possible with a high probability of favorable outcomes or results.

5. Encourage
Be someone’s cheerleader giving support, to inspire their courage and confidence.

6. Forgive
Stop feeling angry or resentful of the past and embrace creating a better future.

7. Greet
Acknowledge others with the warmest of welcomes and recognition.

8. Highlight
Select a quality in someone and emphasize their unique gifts and beauty.

9. Involve
Find someone new to engage in conversation creating a new connection.

10. Joke
Say something to provoke laughter or cause amusement. Tell a joke.

11. Kindness
Being aware of others and intentionally making them happy as often as possible.

12. Liking
Feelings of fondness or pleasure towards someone.

13. Magical
Someone with an extraordinary or fascinating power or influence over others.

14. Noteworthy
Deciding someone deserves your attention because they are important or interesting to you.

15. Opportunity
People and time with them is viewed as the fortunate gift that brings value to your life.

16. Pleasure
Feelings of happiness and satisfaction enjoyed in the company of others.

17. Questions
Does not make assumptions or makeup stories. Always ask to clarify and maintain trust.

18. Respect
Admire someone deeply, because of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

19. Service
A valuable gesture, deed, or effort performed to satisfy another’s need.

20. Tenderness
Having a compassionate, kindly or sensitive disposition towards others.

21. Unyielding
A firm and resolute belief and trust in someone that cannot be broken by persuasion.

22. Vision
You have belief and faith in your ongoing relations and treat people accordingly.

23. Wonder
A sincere curiosity about the people you spend time with and are in relationships.

24. Xtra-ordinary (had to use a workaround)
Your heartfelt desire and willingness to do, give and be that extra for others.

25. Yes
One true test of love is noticing how many times you say Yes to you.

26. Zeal
A devotion and dedication to something bigger than yourself in relationships with others.

When you embrace these attributes and lead with love from A to Z, you begin to walk the path of greatness. You will lead of life of leaving others feeling so special… your life becomes Amazing!


VISION Mastery Strategist – Meshell Baker, is a captivating and highly engaging International Speaker and Purpose Coach, currently fulfilling her mission to empower as many as possible to find joy and enthusiasm in their lives. After 18 years of award-winning sales experience spanning from Yellow Pages Advertising, pharmaceuticals and biotech, Baker now lives, works and traveling from city to city onboard her 22-foot RV (recreational vehicle) since May 2017. Her vehicle is decorated with one burning question: What would you do if you knew you would not fail? Baker is renowned for her unique VISION Mastery process that guides her clients to define purposeful goals, create powerful visions and craft compelling missions. Her clients sustain success by becoming valuable in the marketplace while achieving their biggest dreams and greatest desires. Baker inspires others to step into their brilliance by modeling a lifestyle of embracing uncertainty and the uncomfortable. Chat with Meshell – 


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