My Scary Silence Turns to Sweet Slumber


My first night in the DreamBigBus, snuggly nestled in a well-lit 24-hour Walmart parking lot was terrifying.  I was the most frightened I’ve been in recent years, that I could remember.  Curled up in the fetal position, on the fold down sofa, I was rocked while physically shaking.  Countless questions running through my mind.  The loudest and most prevalent question screamed, “OH DEAR GOD, what have I gotten myself in to?!?!” And my next thought after the questions, “What I do now, the decisions I make tonight, will make me or brake me.”  So, I choose wisely and in favor of my future.

You see that night, what I was blessed to fully experience was the power of an uncomfortable and scary first time.  This first-time discomfort of the unknown and unseen is so powerful it denies most of us our dreams and hearts desires.  And only because my all-encompassing purpose was I able to push passed my comfort zone and conquer my fear.

I set out on the #DreamBigBus journey to become comfortable being uncomfortable.  Which meant a constant ongoing lifestyle of living outside my comfort zone.  Think about it like this, what are the chances of me being comfortable doing something I’ve never done before?  Almost zero! And what are the chances of me doing something I’ve never done before perfect? Again, almost zero.  It is never the facts that are the problem.  Instead it’s anticipation of feeling the fear that creates anxiety, indecision and inaction.

Now don’t get me wrong, my fear did not magically go away or subside after the first night.  If I’m being honest it took me a few weeks before I succumbed to sweet slumber.  You may be asking, what happened that first night? How did she finally acquire some regular and sound sleep?  Well, what I did was spoke my purpose repeatedly over and over and over in my mind until I passed out from exhaustion…? Meshell’s Truth #3 – Make your WHY so powerful enough, you can withstand anything!  The result, there is no F.E.A.R..

F – Failing to
E – Engage
A – Available
R – Resources

Wait… What… All I needed to do is have a purpose so powerful it compels my whatever it takes no matter what?  YEP the power of the purpose is, it empowers you to speak faith to yourself!  By holding the vision of my success and speaking it as if it was so, I was able to make through that first night.  And by the third night, I began excitedly thinking to myself, where else can I apply this wisdom?

Life is simply the result of our decisions.  And every decision is either based in either fear of faith.  The fear that the worst possible thing will happen because of the past, lack of knowledge, resources and abilities.  Or faith that no matter what, we deserve the best.  And because we have been created on purpose with a purpose, our lives have meaning.    AND since the future has not happened, most often we make up our outcomes in fear based feelings.  Well my belief is, if we’re going to make it up, let’s make it awesome!  So, what is your greatest fear?  Face that fear, and all your other fears will begin to tumble like dominoes!

I invite you to join me on this journey.  I look forward to seeing, hearing, reading and watching your responses to, “What you would do if you knew you would not fail?”  When you post your responses with #DreamBigBus, share my post and videos and follow me on social media, you become a blessing to others and you help me get the word out.  THANK YOU!

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