From Silent Retreat to Sunday Silence Vow

What did I discover during my 3-day and 3-night retreat of silence? First thing I noticed were the multitude of useless things rolling around in my head. Voices from the past, present and future. Hope of the unseen coupled with anxiety of the unknown. Thoughts and ideas, fears and doubts. Opinions of others and my own inner critic. The most powerful thread in my head and the persistently loud voices were not my own.

Wow what a heart stopping revelation that was for me. I mean I am a strong person and powerful personality. With opinions, I freely share with others. The sheer strength of my opinions at times causes them to perhaps slip out unsolicited. :-)) So was I ever surprised to hear more than I bargained for in my silence. And I am so much better for having listened. Confirmation of the clear and simple channel for my next steps on the path of purpose. This for me was a life affirming hug. A gentle reminder that I am aligned and congruent.

Let’s back up for a quick second and allow me to make clear to you why I went on a Silent Retreat. I’ve taken steps of faith throughout my life and this journey of the DreamBigBus has been my biggest decision to date. You see my journey into entrepreneurship is the love letter of my life to my God (Creator). From my humble beginnings as an unplanned pregnancy through a life lost to the desperate seeking and searching for external approval. And to finally stand in unwavering gratitude for a life that has blessed me to be me and live my purpose, what a wonderful delight!

During my Silent Retreat, I discovered a few powerful truths. But before we proceed let me acknowledge these are my truths, yours will most likely be just as different, as you and I.:-)) First truth; the only path to purpose is to locate and secure your individual certainty of the unknown. You see without the confidence to trust our own unique inner voice, we become like missiles without a target. And the missing target, purpose, means we are guided by external circumstances and people. So instead of being a blessing to others, we become a blight. Our true talents become hurtful instead of their intended gifted meaning…helpful.

Yes, this was powerful confirmation to eliminate external voices that do not serve my purpose. To stay on my current path encouraging as many as possible to experience joy and excitement for their lives. And to empower them to find their purpose through my VISION Processes. My commitment to my purpose means that no one’s voice can be louder, more significant or more prevalent than my own.

But how do I stay connected to my Creator while becoming the best and highest version of my purpose and guide others in the process? Acutely accurate discernment that can only be found in silence. So, begins my Vow of Sunday Silence from today, July 2nd through then end of 2017. I am committed to create the amazing for which only I have been uniquely handcrafted by our Creator. And I invite you to join me on this journey. I look forward to seeing, hearing, reading and watching your responses to, “What you would do if you knew you would not fail?” When you post your response with #DreamBigBus, you become a blessing to others and you help me get the word out!