SPEAK to Transform not to Transact

I am blessed with the gift of gab and talk to pretty much everyone within earshot…? My focus always is to connect at a heart level and co-create win-wins that leave all involved better off.  I use my life’s experiences in a manner that serves through encouraging, enlightening and empowering my listeners.  This idealism and realism of me has established a fulfilling life of purpose.  I am the recipient of give first benevolence that established a blossoming business which allows me to SPEAK from varied and numerous stages. While also benefiting from the wisdom of other incredible orators who are willing to speak and share their ideas, insights and inspiration.

And this got me to thinking, why and how does a person decide to speak?  Where do they get their ideas and topics?  And how to you set yourself apart from others?  Well it all begins when you are willing to communicate your brand of beautiful unique.  Your words are powerful! They have the power to uplift and enlighten or put down and depress.  So, speaking with intention can make a positive impact and be incredibly influential.  For those of you wanting to transform your audience, listeners and readers and not simply transact, here are 5 Tips to SPEAK and leave them forever changed and bountifully blessed:


S_Share – Advance Innovation and Ideas

We all have amazing ideas. No one person is the keeper of all the wisdom.  You like everyone else, can act and execute on an idea.  The biggest deterrent for most to share these ideas is fear of rejection.  But when you share your innovative ideas you are helping others and yourself.  I can guarantee you that someone out there will benefit from at least one of your ideas.  Another perk of sharing your ideas, it’s helps you stay focused.  Sharing the idea reinforces the concepts within you.  Also I’ve found that being open with ideas attracts more positivity than negativity.  You’d be surprised, there may be someone out there looking for the opportunity to collaborate and co-create which allows you to advance in your endeavors.


P_Purpose – Add a Personal Touch

Speaking helps you expand your audience and to build a tribe.  So, it is important to tailor your message and keep your topic interesting otherwise no one benefits.  Aspire to share content in an exciting manner.  Telling stories of your personal experiences that support your talk topic and educate your audience will inspire.  Think about your greatest challenges turned to successes and what you’ve learned.  Then clearly convey the process so others understand.  Be honest and transparent and don’t hold back.  Showing that you have nothing to hide empowers your listeners to reevaluate their current challenges as opportunities to learn, advance and succeed.


E_Enthusiasm – Activate the Passion in Others

The ability to speak to others and inspire feelings of enthusiasm is incredibly empowering.  As the root of the word entheos suggest, “having a god within” taps into your source of creative genius.  It will take you from ordinary to extraordinary and create a compelling audience experience.  Enthusiasm requires repetition and preparation.  It doesn’t just fall out of the sky when you stand up to speak. It’s the result of an intense engagement with your topic, a conviction that you have something important to say, that this message is significant for your audience.  When you get people enthused about your topic they will pass it on, and soon your idea spreads like wildfire.


A_Authenticity – Accept Your Individual Unique

The worse kind of failure is succeeding at being someone other than you.  Authenticity is essential to establishing a powerful speaking platform.  Focus on what makes you different, what makes you unique. Being true to yourself is a cliché for a reason — it works.  People don’t want to connect with someone fake. They want to feel understood and heard, and the only way you do that is honestly and authentically. The last thing you want is to showcase to the world a shadow of your true self.  Something amazing happens when you unveil and reveal self; you do better work; you are more creative and you attract more of the right kind of people into your life.


K_Knowledgeable – Adopt Learning as a Lifestyle

Keep in mind that confidence to speak up doesn’t equate to expertise or influence.  A jack-of-all-trades soon becomes a handyman…? I mean handy woman, not an authority.  Likewise, an “authority” who speaks out on every issue soon becomes a loudmouth. To become a person of influence and impact that holds the interest of your audience means advancing knowledge of your field.  Make learning a priority and become an expert.  Remember you do not need to know everything.  Distinguish whom you want to influence and why you want to influence them.  Your in-depth knowledge of your subject matter will inform your audience and increase your opportunities to speak.


Okay now it’s your turn to SPEAK!  Time to let the world experience what makes you so uniquely amazing!  And like anything new this will initially be challenging and uncomfortable.  And that uneasy uncertainty is a great place to be, because that’s where the magic happens.   Stay focused on delivering incredible value and remember no one can beat you at being you.  Speaking your gifts to others and leaving them better off, will help you create an abundance of opportunity to build a life that loves you for being you!

Interested in speaking with Me about Mastering the Art of Being unComfortable, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Session.  I value your time and am committed to be a blessing to you no matter what.  “I don’t have all the answers, but I know a lot of amazing people who may have what you need!”  No one succeeds alone, let’s chat.