The ABC’s of Sales

What are the ABCs of sales?

In the words of Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  

Great achievement first requires great action. Recognize you can be and do everything your heart desires. But it only happens when you act.  

No one ever discovered their amazing life, created the incredible, or achieved the unbelievable without first facing their fears.  

Do you know what produces the most electromagnetic energy in the human body? 

Most people respond “the brain.” 

But it’s not! It’s actually…

your Heart. 

But what does your heart have to do with sales?  Well, everything!

The marketplace is flooded with products and services. There is very little that differentiates one do-hickey from the next. And in the event that you’re lucky enough to sell an innovative never seen before product… It won’t be long before a copy competitor enters the market.

No kidding, we are in a technological boom. 

Your unease, doubt, and unwillingness to act has the potential to excite people to achieve extraordinary things, which makes sales an honorable and noble calling.

Here are 26 Verbs that will lead to actions you can take to change your current circumstances: 

  1. Accountable – Recognize that you are responsible for your life and be willing to change it.
  1. Belief – All greatness begins with your unwavering faith in your own vision and voice.
  1. Confidence – The uncompromising certainty in yourself and your capability to succeed at whatever you decide.
  1. Diligent – Overnight successes are rarely overnight. Consistent persistence will always win.
  1. Excellence – A willingness to deliver high-value experiences to yourself first and anyone with whom you interact.
  1. Follow-up – Activities that create and support relationships
  1. Gratitude – The act of thankfulness.The belief that things are working in your favor that shifts your conditions.
  1. Help – The act of being vulnerable opens you to receive the guidance and tools to succeed.
  1. Imagination – The ability to mentally innovate and form solutions for something not yet present.
  1. Journaling – Keep those thoughts where you can find them. You never know what great idea written today will be your goldmine tomorrow!
  1. Knowledgeable – Be so well informed, learned, and cultivated that people are drawn to you for their own enlightenment.
  1. Laughter – If you aren’t enjoying yourself find something else to do.  Life is too short!
  1. Mistakes – You must be willing to fail in order to succeed. So get prepared to make lots of mistakes on your way to success.
  1. Nurture – To be a great saleswoman and leader, live in a way that draws others to emulate you.
  1. Opportunity – People will always be your greatest assets. Treat everyone as if they are bearing gifts and you’ll never
  1. Preparation – The act of taking time to get yourself or something ready for use or service.
  1. Questions – A curiosity to learn and know more about your people and processes that spark inquiries.
  1. Responsible – Take ownership of your choices and results.  The recognition to take action.
  1. Solutions – What you need or want will rarely come to you.  Become relentless in your pursuit.
  1. Team – People are reassured by dependability, reliability, credibility, and competence. Have faith in those you’re leading, and they will have faith in you.
  1. Unique – Understand that everything you want is 1 step outside your comfort zone.
  1. Values – What you truly believe that is demonstrated in your behavior toward others.
  1. Words – Use them wisely. The more you uplift others, the more you too will rise.
  1. eXecution (had to use a workaround) – Your efforts put forth to deliver desired efforts and outcomes
  1. Yes – One test of a true leader is accountability that exceeds their responsibility they are willing to accept.
  1. Zealous – A devout drive to be dedicated to something bigger than yourself fuels a fierce passion to help others be successful. Embrace that intensity and put it to work to better the world.

When you embrace these attributes from A to Z, you walk the path of a Top-Performing Sales Professional and Leader.

Begin now and see where you end up!!