The Art of Being unComfortable

Since I had way too much fun enjoying my family in silence and missed last week’s post, I thought I’d take things up a notch with some profound poetry..:-))

Your Dreams Are Waiting

The road to success;
Is immersed in pain;
Unavoidable are the failures;
Yet knowledge is gained;

No rest for the weary;
No destination to achieve
Do not settle or stop;
Or surely you will grieve;

Your success anticipates you;
It has been preordained;
Your dreams are waiting;
For you to pop the Champagne!

©2017 Meshell R Baker

The road to success, this the road less traveled is my faith to step with uncertainty into the unseen, unknown and uncomfortable.  I am taking missteps and making mistakes and misjudgments. Yes, I have left everything that was familiar, regular and comfortable behind.  My one burning desire, to be the best and highest version of me.  This is my quest, to find the elusive meaning of life… to obtain my Purpose.  Which I’ve discovered through the practice of mastering the Art of Being unComfortable.

My driving force for far too many years was a search for easy, convenient comfort zone.  In my early years, I evaded opportunities that presented as obstacles, hurdles and problems. I did not understand that every challenge was simply a character defining moment.  You see I found life to be so incredibly hard, disappointing and unfair, I felt I deserved easy.  I sought out anything that made me feel good however temporary and meaningless that may have been.  And when it didn’t feel good anymore, it had to go, people included.  Not a nice awareness of myself, but a necessary recognition to change course and find my purposeful path.

The only thing that has silenced my internal voices of regret, sorrow and despair is my quest for meaning, purpose and mastery of self.  And by Mastery (my personal definition) I mean the extensive understanding and knowledge of your gifting, skill or subject.  What I have noticed is those who are masters’ have a knowledge so complete, they have no difficulty in sharing or practice.  Meshell’s Truth #5 Each experience with a master always leave you blessed and better off for the encounter.  I’m enthused to be a gift and blessing and serve according to my purpose.  And excited that my service inspires your joy for your journey to master becoming a better You..:-))

Your purposeful path is a unique, rare and beautiful road.  It is a one-of-kind work of art that unfolds step by step and day by day.  You are an artist creating a work of art designed as you discern your destiny.  Your imagination implemented becomes a creative expression that inspires.  And as with all original art, what you produce is appreciated for the beautiful and emotional power it evokes.  You are the master and your life lived outside the comfort zone becomes the canvas.  And your purposeful pursuits demonstrate the Art of Being unComfortable as you embrace uncertainty in the unknown.  Blessings and Bon Voyage to You!!

I invite you to join me on the journey of the DreamBigBus.  As I trek across the U.S. in my 22ft RV.  I am blessed to live my mission to empower as many as possible to experience joy and excitement for their lives.  I look forward to seeing, hearing, reading and watching your responses to, “What you would do if you knew you would not fail?”  When you post your responses with #DreamBigBus or share my post and videos and follow me on social media, you become a blessing to others and you help me get the word out.  THANK YOU!

Interested in speaking with Me about how to find Clarity of Purpose or Confidence in Uncertainty, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Session.   I value and honor your time and am committed to be a blessing to you no matter what.  “I don’t have all the answers, but I know a lot of amazing people who may have what you need!”  No one succeeds alone, let’s chat.