Whose Directions Are You Following?

I don’t know about you, but I lost count of the number of times I’ve taken a wrong turn, gone down the wrong road or been completely lost.  Seems getting lost is quite the common occurrence.  Yet many wanders find themselves so overwhelmed or embarrassed, they never locate their desired destination.  While those willing to embrace being lost discover life’s greatest treasures on roads less traveled.  You see lost is not always a bad thing. My aimless wandering has often led me to find the amazing and extraordinary!  And still being lost intrigues me, especially having to ask for directions.  Have you been lost?  If so, whose directions you are following?

I have spent most of my life lost, following the guidance, instruction and directions of those who I believed knew me, better than me.  So scared was I to sit still, be silent and face my inner demons that I continued to look for what I already had.  For you trailblazers who’ve spent minimal time in the labyrinth of lost, I am truly happy for your self-awareness.  However, there are many of us whose lives have mirrored feelings of being caught in a high-speed, never-ending traffic circle that doesn’t allow us to merge right.  The desperation of this impossibility causes us to manufacture a new reality.   We choose to follow the next best thing, because it feels good and gives us a sense of accomplishment.  Or we simply resign the accepted state of being lost.  The lost are recognizable by their responses which often begin with “I don’t know…” or “I’m not sure…” followed by an alibi or an excuse.  I’ve summed up my lost experience with an acronym:

L – Lacking
O – O
ne’s own
S – S
T – T

As I traverse the road less traveled discovering and mastering my purpose, I find asking for directions has become a frequent and common activity.  And while I am often met by enthusiastic guides, it is rare that their level of experience matches the enthusiasm of these self-proclaimed guides.  The journey of self-discovery and mastery of ones’ purpose, if not closely monitored will leave you exhausted, frustrated and financially depleted.  While many claim to know the way, securing good guidance is just as risky as traversing the road less traveled.  So, why do it? And bloody hell! How does one find a trusted traveling companion when good guidance is uncommon?

Well for me it required countless resources (time, energy and money) spent following the next best thing.  Only to discover that I am the keeper of my own understanding of the unknown.  YEP, it’s true!  All we need to know, about where we are to go, is inside of us.  Think about it like this.  Our Creator, I call Him God.  You can call Him Buddha, The Divine, The Universe, The Goddess, The Spirit or whatever term of endearment you have for your deity.  And for a moment, let’s all agree that our High Power is LOVE.  So why would a God (Creator) that loves us so much, create us, then make us wander the earth in search of life’s meaning (our purpose)?  He wouldn’t!  Like any intricate and sophisticated thing every created, instructions (directions) are included.

Your directions are inside you.  By taking the time to consistently sit quiet and journal, meditate, visualize, and learn about you is when you find your power to create.  You possess endless, infinite and unending power to manifest the life you desire, because you have access to an omnipotent Creator.  And all you need to acquire your all access pass is that you be willing to act now, follow your road less traveled and you MUST get lost.  That is the only way the true you will be found.

F – Following
O – Opportunities to
U – Uncover
N – New
D – Directions

Meshell’s Truth #4Those willing to get lost, will be found!  So, get lost and find your purpose.  Secure your why for how you will impact and influence this world leaving humanity better off for having met you!  You are the most beautiful and exquisite thing the Creator ever made manifest.  By deciding to follow your heart, that inner voice direction is guidance to your greatness.  Find your purposeful path that inspires confidence and ignites courage.  And locate lasting fulfillment, peace and joy that transcends all situations, circumstances and people! ?

I invite you to join me on this journey.  I look forward to seeing, hearing, reading and watching your responses to, “What you would do if you knew you would not fail?”  When you post your responses with #DreamBigBus, share my post and videos and follow me on social media, you become a blessing to others and you help me get the word out.  THANK YOU!

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