Women of Sales & Influence: Nothing is Impossible!

Women of Sales & Influence: Nothing is Impossible!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself is I’mPossible.”
Audrey Hepburn

Be someone who lives | The Birth of I’mPossible.

So often we hear of people sharing “how” they were able to do something impossible in spite of the odds against them. We hear how they did it despite their meager and humble circumstances.

Yet for ourselves, we wonder, “What if?”

What if, I could be that woman who defies the odds?
What if I could have that promotion?
What if I could start that business?
What if I could step outside my comfort zone and do what I’ve been dreaming for so long?

And when our “what ifs” go unchecked and are neglected, they can quickly become seeds of doubt feeding an inner critic to speak “if only you had…”

My I’mPossible began in January 2014.

Just 3 months after giving a 30-day notice to my corporate Biotechnology Consumables Sales Job. The job of my dreams:

A ten-state territory outreach with 80% travel all expense paid. A car allowance and no monthly car payment (I despise unnecessary debt) and ownership of all travel miles.

WOOHOO, most would think.

But OH NO is what I experienced.

I had arrived at my desired destination and all I was thinking was now what? I asked a very common question that launched the I’mPossible dream.

After having a heartfelt epiphany with myself, that there had to be more for me…

I asked out loud, to an empty room, “What is my purpose?” “What can I do to experience lasting fulfillment?”

“The very next thing you need to do is what terrifies you the most.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Do what you love in the face of fear.

It all began with a vision board party for the women of my church and community.

In the recreation room of my apartment complex one chilly (unusually so) Saturday in November 2013, 18-women gathered to create vision boards.

After putting a call out for magazines and whatever knickknacks and supplies they saw fit, I welcomed these women into a community of possibilities.

I made available the boards, an outline for goals, the be-do-have principle along with lunch.

After my recent discovery and awareness of the law of attraction and vision boarding, I couldn’t wait to share this newfound knowledge. And what better way to create my first ever board than with a group of women I loved. That day, as I looked around, listened and watched, what I initiated through my love of service…my business was born.

Unsure and uncertain of how to create a successful business of making vision boards I set out to give as much value as possible.

My personal mantra became my business mantra — always leave them better for having met me… No matter what.

Since then, I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of women over the years.

As my business grew, my desire to serve grew. So I continued to develop my understanding and knowledge of success, habits, and mindset.

I wanted to inspire more women to step beyond their comfort zones. As I grew so did my instincts. I became acutely aware that many women’s dreams were becoming their nightmare.

Although women-owned businesses are growing 2.5 times faster than the national average;In 2018, women still make much less than men when doing the same work and with the same proficiency. (can we add a link here as well about the gender pay gap?)

My dream and vision began to evolve.

I wanted to not only help women develop a vision, but also want to empower them to live intentionally and profitably. I began to ask myself “who” do I need to become to deliver the gift of clarity to experience life on your terms, to the women I’m called to serve? Asked and answered!

What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me.
Helen Keller

Comfort and success cannot coexist.

After years of losing myself in doing what I thought I should do, or need to do, or being told what to do and still feeling doubt with rising debt, I decided to dig deep.

To acquire a clear understanding of why so many people are telling not teaching.

After over $200k in coaching, seminars, conferences and events, and still feeling no closer to fulfillment than when I started, I decided to discover either my joy or get a job.

I set a date and set out on a journey to master the art of being uncomfortable. I lived worked and traveled in my 22-ft RV embracing the unknown and unseen with uncertainty.

The journey fortified my faith in what already and had always resided in me. It showed me that success is an individual unique definition that only you can define.

No one and I mean absolutely no one can tell you your vision and purpose. It must come from within you. 

Why? Because without your unique fingerprint of origins, you will never fully embody (become) the vision.

Yes, you can get guidance and/or coaching to assist with external prompts to inspire your deep dive. Just remember, your external environment and experiences are meant to celebrate who you are, not to validate your worth.

And it is this… the why, that inspired me to write a new vision. To combine my experiences and expertise empowering women to clarify their visions and purposes. Which increases their confidence and courage to initiate more conversations to attract and align with more wealth producing opportunities.

“She remembered who she was, and the game changed.”
Lalah Deliah

Belief bridges the gap to I’mPossible.

So, what is my new vision you ask?

To create a platform that encourages women to pause and clearly define their visions, purposes, and identity.

We do this by sharing insights, information, and inspiration from successful and savvy women. Who have optimized their reach, impact, and influence through the art of selling.

You see there is no way around selling. So, it’s time to embrace the power of women in sales and let them sell.

Women are closing deals, making relationships stronger, and building up businesses.

Pay attention, world.

The Women of Sales and Influence is a platform sponsored by the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP), one of the largest sales associations in the world.

The purpose of this group is to highlight top female influencers in business, recognizing outstanding mindset, beliefs, and consistent performance.

Women are a 18 Trillion Dollar economy.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence.

Influence means that even when a woman isn’t paying for something herself, her vote has the power to seal or steal the deal.

Yet the perception of the salesperson is still rated low or poor.

So, what does that have to do with vision?

It is my goal to utilize this platform to impress upon women the benefits of a clearly defined vision.

To not simply set about doing this and doing that only hoping because someone else has told you, that you will be successful.

To instead tap into their unlimited capabilities through embodying success. By calibrating the voice inside, to become the top performing woman outside, in your profession and business.

The time is now, and the opportunities are limitless.