What Do Big DREAMS Require?

“Alone We Can Do So Little. Together We Can Do So Much”.

~ Helen Keller ~


You are on a journey. Headed to a destination…

The next stop is your Big Hairy Audacious DREAMS.

You may not know it, but you’ve been preparing.

You have packed the necessary gear – your confident BELIEF and your intentional CHOICES.

Look up. You see it, don’t you? It is just as you have envisioned it.

Success in your business.
Success in your relationships.
Success in your life.

Your Big DREAMS are at the top. They are at the summit.

Right now, you are at base camp, and you are not there alone. There are others with their DREAMS in sight ready to ascend. You do not need to climb the heights of success alone.

Getting to the next level of realizing the life of your dreams, demands and requires the wisdom of those who have gone before you.

Sure you could do it alone. Keep trying to figure it out.

Or you can follow wisdom and seek advice, insights, tips, and inspiration from someone who has been where you are going.

Know this… Nobody soars and shines above their current circumstances without support and assistance.

What I want you to understand is that when you truly want what you say you want, then you will require assistance and support. No one achieves success alone.

Your life and career will only grow as much as you grow. And the quickest path to growth is investing in yourself.

An investment is defined as the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.

It is time to step into your confident belief and make some intentional choices that you are worth more!

You are worth any investment of time and money that empowers your mindset, self-talk, and habits that move you up your summit of success.

You are worthy and deserving of an amazing and extraordinary life.

My hope and desire for you in you reading this is that you take the next step to live the life you dream of by making an investment in yourself and seeking to gain the wisdom of others.

There are many paths to gaining wisdom… Mentor, Advisor, Teacher, Trainer, Instructor, and my favorite Coach.

A coach is someone who trains a person or team of people in a particular skill.

And group coaching is ideal for individuals who are new to coaching and want to grow through creative collaboration with other people with similar goals, aspirations, and DREAMS.

Group coaching is ideal for individuals who want to grow through creative collaboration with other people with similar goals and DREAMS. It is also appropriate if you are seeking a high-value, affordable method of transformation in your personal and professional lives. This setting forgoes a one-on-one experience for the benefit of access to an enriching group environment.

The rewards of group coaching are as many and varied as its members and their goals, and there are many benefits enjoyed by all coaching group members. Feeling more confident and in control of your future. Growing your bank account! An effective group-coaching program maximizes the combined ideas, insights, and information and inspires members to implement and speed up the forward momentum. Nothing inspires success like success!

Are you ready to live your D.R.E.A.M.S.? Here are several reasons group coaching may be the right fit for you:

D – Difficulties Diffused.
Creativity blossoms in a collaborative community of like-minded participants. Being part of a group where members are all working outside their comfort zones to accomplish their desired goals, allows each participant to relax in the face of any possible difficulties and tap into his/her creative energy and potential.

R – Relevant Resources.
Members of supportive communities are remarkably generous with sharing experiences and resources. They begin to see each other’s successes as their own and seek to help the others accomplish their objectives. Because of the like-minded community resources are often quite meaningful and appropriate to many of the groups’ members.

E – Enriching Exchange.
Participants come together to work on similar goals, willing to learn from others and be coached/advised at the same time. This safe setting creates an open, participative, positive, and mutually-beneficial environment. Many relationships established within a collaborative community continue to develop over a lifetime.

A – Accelerated Achievements.
Members meet to achieve their own individual visions and goals. And there are opportunities for group commitments to empower a shifting mindset of the group dynamic. This creates an increased level of accountability, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation that accelerates each member’s progress.

M – Multiple Mindsets.
It is like having your very own focus group at your fingertips. What is better than that? The synergy created by the group members creates a powerful and exciting engine that produces many more (and better) ideas and solutions than would be possible for one person working on their own to produce.

S – Safe Sharing.
The content discussed during group sessions remains confidential. This invites a welcoming environment to uncover hurts, hang-ups, and hindrances that have been holding you back. Your willingness to embrace pain and push past puke will empower and strengthen your confidence and courage.

If you have never invested in one-on-one coaching, I encourage you to consider participating in group coaching because I believe when you have a good facilitator and coach you actually learn faster.

So are you ready to leave base camp with a group of like-minded individuals inspired to make it to the summit of their Big DREAMS by following an experienced, enthusiastic, and eternally confident (in your abilities) Guide?

If you said ‘yes’, consider joining my Becoming BadA$$ Belief Group Coaching. This is a 6-month program with the next session beginning the week of July 11th, 2022. It will change the way you think and transform the way that you see yourself.

Just imagine, you could be by 2023 if say yes Big DREAM.


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